Cyberpunk 2077 Gorilla Arms Location And Mods

These Robotic arms will help you succeed in Cyberpunk 2077 Melee combat.

Gorilla Arms is a melee weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 made by Arasaka. These two robotic arms can deal more physical damage to enemies you hit. If you don’t know the whereabouts of this item in Cyberpunk 2077, don’t worry. I have covered all the details that will help you locate Gorilla Arms and use them to decimate rival gangs.

Where to find Gorilla arm in Cyberpunk 2077

You can get Gorilla Arms Cyberware from a couple of locations. I have pinpointed the locations below using a map image.

How to acquire

There are three variants of Gorilla arms in CP 2077. These variants are Epic, Rare, and Legendary.

Rare Variant

Ripperdocs that don’t sell the Epic variant will have the Rare version of Gorilla arms for 20 Street Creds and €12750.

Epic Variant

You can get the Epic Variant of Gorilla Arms in Cyberpunk 2077 in four locations. Fingers in Japantown, Octavio in Rancho Coronado, Aldecaldos Ripperdoc in Aldecaldo Camp, and Ripperdoc in Arroyo, where you can purchase the Epic variant for €$20450 at 25 Street Cred.

Legendary Variant

From the Downtown and Wellsprings Ripperdocs, you can purchase the Legendary variant of Gorilla Arms for €$35450 at 45 Street Cred.


Effects: As soon as you attack, your Gorilla Arms charge up. You get bonus damage when you do a Strong Attack. Body Attributes checks are also boosted by 2/4/6 with Gorilla Arms.

Mod Types: Cyberware Mod

Mod Slots: 1/2/3

Weight: 0.4

Best Mods for Gorilla Arms

When selecting the best mods that complement your Gorilla Arms in Cyperpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, they include Animal Knuckles, Rin3u battery, and black-market battery.

The Animal Knuckles mod significantly increases the damage you can afflict by equipping Gorilla Arms. This causes internal bleeding to your enemies that can severely affect them in combat situations, putting you at a great advantage. Animal Knuckles can be obtained for 5000 Eddies at Charter Hill’s Ripperdoc area.

The Rin3u battery is best known for its ability to recharge your stamina to the fullest. This can be achieved provided you kill an opponent by equipping Gorilla Arms. The Rin3u battery costs you 5000 Eddies and can be obtained at Kabuki’s Ripperdoc.

Its ability can significantly help when you engage multiple opponents, leading to frequent exhaustion of stamina.

If you want to do more damage with your Gorilla Arms, the Black-Market battery is the mod for you in Cyberpunk 2077. Equipping this mod alongside Gorilla Arms will get you a 100 percent damage increase every time you engage in combat.

This will make things very easy for you and can be used to knock out stronger opponents that take more time due to their large health pool. Black-Market Battery is found at Charter Hill’s Ripperdoc.

Mantis Blades vs. Gorilla Arms

The Gorilla Arms stand out for their dominance in close-range encounters and the massive chunk of damage they afflict compared to Mantis Blades in Cyberpunk 2077. Furthermore, they also force your opponent to get shoved into the ground.

Mantis blades get outclassed by any other bladed weapon as well. Gorilla Arms also gets you the blunt perks and stands out in missions like Beat on the Brat and Cyberpsycho Missions. They also help more when engaging turrets and robots and can help blast your way through some doors if you find bypassing the locks tedious.

The Gorilla Arms also outperforms Mantis Blades in Critical Chance and Bleeding Chance stats. However, Mantis Blades are more aesthetically appealing and add gruesome animations when killing opponents.

Furthermore, they grant you some Blade perks. Mantis Blades can help you leap at your opponents. This can change the tide in your situation as it can help you take out your opponent by surprise.

Mantis Blades emerge when you engage low-threat targets as you can handle them effectively due to unlimited light attacks. They don’t exhaust your stamina much compared to other melee weapons when you perform a heavy attack.

Do Gorilla Arms Increase Katana Damage?

The Gorilla Arms Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 can significantly increase Katana Damage, helping you to take out your opponent quickly. Gorilla Arms increase blunt weapon damage by 30-50 percent.

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