How To Complete Mystic Carrion’s Quest In Baldur’s Gate 3

Mystic Carrion quest becomes available during the third act of BG3. In this guide, we will be taking you on a journey where you get to dec...

Mystic Carrion’s quest is a part of the much larger quest “Free the Artist” in BG3. Free the Artist spans dozens of hours, three acts and multiple locations to finally comes to a close. However, it can’t be completed unless you accept and complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Mystic Carrion’s quest to obtain a special item require to proceed. 

Mystic Carrion quest becomes available during the third act of BG3. In this guide, we will be taking you on a journey where you get to decide the fate of multiple characters. Worry not, we will clearly explain each decision and its outcome in detail for you to make the ultimate decision.

Where to find Mystic Carrion in Baldur’s Gate 3

Mystic Carrion is available in the Philgrave’s Mansion, to the south of the lower city. The nearest way point to this mansion is Heapside Strand. Fast travel to this waypoint and go south to find the entrance to Philgrave’s mansion. 

Once inside the mansion, go the central hall at (X:12, Y: -161). Mystic Carrion is standing there beside a pool of blood. Once you talk to him, he will ask for a favor to find his servant Thrumbo. This will officially start Mystic Carrion’s Servant quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is recommended to find and read Necromancy of Thay before this encounter. Select the following options to accept his quest. 

  • “Mystic Carrion. Are you some kind of fortune teller?” 
  • “What kind of clients do you accept?” 
  • “Is there anything I can do for you?” 
  • “His body? It seems like you want him killed”. 
  • “You have got a deal”. 

How to find and kill Thrumbo for Mystic Carrion

Thrumbo is hiding in a house Northeast to Philgrave’s mansion. The exact location of the house is marked on the map, and it is at (X: 53, Y: -133). Climb the stairs to enter the house and open the wardrobe in the first room. 

Talk to him once he is out and tell him why you are here, Thrumbo will try to convince you and tell you why Mystic Carrion is a monster. Ignore what he has to say and select the following options. 

  • “I came here to find you. Mystic Carrion was very keen that I bring you home”. 
  • “Why?” 
  • “I am here to kill. Now, are you ready to die, or are we doing this the hard way?” 

Once the dialogue options end, the battle with Thrumbo commences. Defeat this zombie and loot the body. Apparently, Thrumbo is carrying Mystic Carrion’s heart all along. Pick up the body and return to Mystic Carrion inside Philgrave’s Mansion in BG3. 

Hand over Thrumbo’s corpse to Mystic Carrion. Mystic Carrion will give you “Torch of Revocation” as a reward. This item is required to complete “Free the Artist” quest and exorcise the ghost plaguing Oskar.

How to kill Mystic Carrion for Thrumbo

Instead of being aggressive with Thrumbo after listening to his story, empathize. Select the following dialogue options instead to learn more about Mystic Carrion and how you can obtain the jars containing his body parts. 

  • “I came to find you. Mystic Carrion was very keen that I bring you home”. 
  • “Why?” 
  • “That’s horrible. All right. I will help you. What can I do?” 
  • “And a mummy lord is?” 
  • “I will find and destroy the jar. Where should I start?” 

Now go back to Philgrave’s mansion and stealthily make your way up. Open the locked door by using lock pick option. Go straight and lock pick a double door at the end of the hallway. Keep crouching to avoid enemies and interact with a stone wall in the room full of corpses (X: 17, Y: -154). Climb down the ladder and enter the basement via the hatch.

Where to find Mystic Carrions’ Jars of body parts

Search the laboratory and read the journals to find more clues about Mystic Carrion’s body parts in BG3. Below is the list of body parts you can find to finally defeat Mystic Carrion for good.


To find Mystic Carrion’s lungs, go to the Mortuary near Durinbold Mausoleum, north to Elfsong Tavern (X: 27, Y: 19). Enter Mortuary’s cellar and destroy the jar containing Mystic Carrion’s lungs.

Brain and Liver

To find the next two items, go the passageway in Undercity ruins (X: 176, Y: 936). It leads to Ancient Lair area of the game. Turn right from an altar to find a locked wall at (X: -139, Y: 71). Use lock pick to open this wall. Mystic Carrion’s brain is present on a stone table with a dead body. Destroy it too with any weapon or fire spell. There is a locked drawer to the left. Open it to obtain the jar containing Mystic Carrion’s liver in BG3.


Read the diary in the same room to find clues about Mystic Carrion’s heart. Apparently, Thrumbo has his master’s heart. Return to Thrumbo and ask him to give you the jar of heart. After obtaining the jar of heart and destroy it.  

Once you have destroyed all the jars containing Mystic Carrion’s body parts in BG3, return to him. Now issue a challenge and defeat him once and for all to obtain “Torch of Revocation” from his body.

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