Borderlands 3 Lair of the Harpy Walkthrough Guide – How to Complete, Defeat Anointed Goliath

Borderlands 3 Lair of the Harpy Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step on how to defeat the Anointed Goliath to complete the mission.

Borderlands 3 Lair of the Harpy Walkthrough

Lair of the Harpy mission opens up after completing the Hammerlocked mission in BL3. This mission will see you creating a distraction for Aurelia and defeating the Anointed Goliath.

Lair of the Harpy

Get to the Floodmoor Basin and as you get there, Aurelia calls you and offers to pay you if you agree to leave the planet. Get to Knotty Peak and speak with Wainwright.

You need to distract Aurelia and for that head to the marked location and travel to Jakobs Estate area. Keep moving forward, get to the lift and hit the button on the right to call it down. Get in and hit the lever to go up.

Go the front gate of the Jakobs Estate. Use the doorbell and get inside the manor. Now, go up to the dining hall, knock on the door to meet with Aurelia.

This turns out to be an ambush and Wainwright comes to your rescue. Wainwright will task you to find the Vault Key while he keeps Troy busy.

Fight your way through and eventually some enemies will blow through the door. Head through there and you’ll come to a big library.

Now, go to the top floor and towards the back. Here a wall will be blown up by a Goliath so, go through the hole in the wall.

Defeat Anointed Goliath

Anointed Goliath is actually a mutated Goliath but, has more abilities than a normal one. This enemy can clap its hands and sends a shockwave towards you. To avoid damage from the shockwave, jump over it.

This enemy has the ability to warp around and also thrown flaming skulls at you. Shoot these skull before they get to you. Just avoid his attacks and shoot the Anointed Goliath whenever you get the opportunity.

Once dead, he’ll turn into a crystal, melee it and you’ll get more loot.

Wainwright will tell about a secret door upstairs. Go up and push the marked button. Here you encounter a short puzzle which requires you to recreate Typhon DeLeon scene by displaying three correct objects on the stage.

Once the right scene is displaying, hit the button on the right to open the secret door. Get into the now opened door and it’s a trap door. Wainwright tells you to find something “record like” to find the Vault Key.

Interact with the skull on the shelf located at the back. Now, grab the record from the wall and then, the wall breaks making a path for you. Drop down and once you are outside, travel to Knotty Peak.

Give the record to Wainwright and the mission is complete.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Lair of the Harpy Walkthrough guide with tips on how to defeat the Anointed Goliath.

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