All Great Hyrule Forest Shrine Locations In Zelda: TOTK

The Shrines in the Great Hyrule Forest of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will test your abilities.

You will find eight shrines in the Great Hyrule Forest of Zelda: TotK. There are over a hundred Shrines scattered across the Hyrule map, and each will serve as a fast travel point. Moreover, the shrines will also test your puzzle-solving and fighting abilities.

The same is the case with the Great Hyrule Forest region shrines. I will help you find all of them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Great Hyrule Forest Shrine Locations Map

Four of the eight shrines in the Great Hyrule Forest are inside the Lost Woods. The shrines in the Lost Woods are challenging to reach compared to the others. The map below will help you pinpoint the locations of shrines.

Kikakin Shrine

The Kikakin Shrine is located northwest of the Great Hyrule Forest in Zelda: TotK. To get to the Kikakin Shrine, you must first find the Yiga Clan Marietta Branch. This is directly west of Mekar Island and on the Aldor Foothills. From the foothills, move north towards Mount Drena.

You don’t need to travel to the top of the mountain; just get to the point where the cluster of rocks is. From there, start circling to the right around the mountaintop. There will be another rock below you. The Shrine is located on the northeastern slope of the mountain.

Musanokir Shrine

The Musanokir Shrine is located in the heart of the Great Hyrule Forest. To get to the Shrine, you can start from the Military Training Camp and approach it using the road. The road doesn’t go through, and you must navigate the jungle.  

The best and easiest way is by using a chasm to move down and then make your way to the shrine. The nearest chasm from the Korok Woods is in the Minshi Woods. You can approach them from the Military Training Camp.

On the road, the chasm will be to your right. Before jumping into the Chasm, you need some Brightbloom Seeds to illuminate the depth. When you jump in, use your glider to avoid the walls and the cushion you’re landing.

In the depths, you must move to the island’s center, south of the Rikonasum lightroot. From the Surface, this route is challenging because of the woods and the fog. But here, the tree density is moderate, and you only need to look out for the red growths, which can deal damage.

When you land, there will be a path with drops on either side; if you can’t see the path, use your bow to shoot the Brightbloom Seed. After the path, there will be some trees with some growth in front. Climb onto the tree nearest to the growth and glide to the clearing after the growth. Move on straight until you reach a steep climb and a shrine on top.

Ninjis Shrine

The Ninjis Shrine is located south of the Korok forest Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The direct route to the Ninjis shrine is unavailable, and the Lost Woods heavily blocks it. You can only get to the Shrine quickly by gliding towards it.

To glide, you can choose the two nearby Skyview towers. These are far from the previous starting points, but getting to the shrine is easy. If you are in the Thyphlo Ruins, north of the Great Hyrule forest, the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower can be used.

Using the skyview tower, move up the sky and glide south. Use Tulin for a boost if needed. If you don’t have Tulin, it’s not a big deal because the journey is short.

When you are near Bravery Island, look down and pin the location of the Shrine. Now descend. As you leave the Sky Region, a thick fog will engulf you, affecting your vision. Use your map to navigate as you descend and fall slowly toward the Ninjis Shrine.

Pupunke Shrine

The Pupunke Shrine is also located in the Great Hyrule Forest of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, and it can be found in the Northeast of the Deku Tree. The Pupunke Shrine can also be approached from the Depths.

Starting from the Great Fairy Tera in the Military Training Camp, take the road away from the camp. At the intersection, take the right and head into the Minshi Woods. To your left, there will be a chasm. Jump down the chasm and take the path you see in front. This path has poes on it, which you can collect and exchange with valuable items on the surface.

After the path, a group of trees and a Gloom will be in front of them. To your right, there will be a small patch that you can cross easily on the plains after the gloom and move northeast.

Pass through the trees; there will be gloom to the left of the woods. Pass over the gloom, and you will find the Eknupup Lightroot. Light it up, and the area will be illuminated.

To the north of the lightroot is a forest behind it; the gloom is least wide, and you can hop over to cross it. Next, turn left, move along the gloom boundary, and pass the hill. There will be a platform to the right. You can use this platform to move to the Surface. In the platform, pick the ascend ability and move up.

On the surface, the shrine will be southeast of your position. Move towards the Deku Tree to the south, and from there, you can follow the Edamame pods to find the crystal, and the Pupunke shrine is to the first left in the dark forest.

Sakunbomar Shrine

The Sakunbomar Shrine is located west of the Korok Forest and in the Darker region of the Great Hyrule Forest in Zelda: TotK. To Reach the Sakunbomar Shrine, you will first locate and head to the Deku Tree in the middle of the forest.

You can use the depth to reach the Deku Tree, but they are dangerous because of the glooms and enemies. The next and easier option is to use the sky and land in the middle of the forest.

To fly towards the Deku Tree, you will need a Skyview Tower. If you are near the Drenan Highlands Chasm, you can find a Skyview tower to your east in the Thyphlo Ruins.

The Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower is in the middle of the ruins. Use the skyview tower, and when in the air, head south.

Descend to the ground near the island before the brave island. The Forest has a thick fog, and you will be blinded, so it is advised to mark the center’s location.

When in the forest, discover the Deku Tree and the Musanokir shrine. Now, move northwest, and you will find Zooki. After talking to Zooki, move straight, and you will enter the darker part of the forest.

You will need to fight against skeleton soldiers and walking trees. This will be a difficult place to survive, and you will need all the help from your spirit companions.

In the forest, multiple enemies will fight you, and you will need to kill all of them because the shrine is not on the pedestal.

Sikukuu Shrine

Sikukuu Shrine is located in the Northeastern part of the Great Hyrule Forest and beyond Lake Mekar in Zelda: TotK. This shrine is directly visible from the Thyphlo Ruins.

From the Thyphlo Ruins, use the bridge to the west to exit them. Now, move along the bank of the lake until you find a Hudson Sign.

Collect the loot from here and then move away from the lake and towards the valley. The Sikukuu Shrine will be in front of you and a little elevated from the valley’s base.

You can also fly directly towards the Sikukuu Shrine using the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower and gliding towards the shrine.

Tenmaten Shrine

The Tenmaten Shrine is found on the southwest side of the Great Hyrule Forest in Zelda: TotK. Traveling south from the Elma Knolls toward the Irch Plain area would be best.

Once you reach the plains, look for the entrance of the Irch Plain cave. Head straight and locate the Elma Knolls Well inside toward the end side of the cave.

You will find a river opposite the location of the Tenmated shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. This is the best way to reach the site, so follow it thoroughly.

Kiuyoyou Shrine

Finding the Kiuyoyou shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is straightforward. Head east from the Tabantha Tundra, and you will spot this shrine. While heading back from the Rito Village, move towards the small hill in the Rowan Plain.

The coordinates you can visit to find this shrine are -1106, 2089, and 0104.

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