Utojis Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Utojis Shrine is one of the Zelda TotK Shrine Map locations that does not involve any internal puzzle. Instead, players...

Utojis Shrine is one of the Zelda TotK Shrine Map locations that does not involve any internal puzzle. Instead, players have to complete a shrine quest to reveal this shrine, after which they can easily go inside and earn the final reward. This guide will help you find the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Utojis Shrine location and solve the puzzles involved during this journey.

Where to find Utojis Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Utojis Shrine can be found in the East Necluda Surface, by heading to the northern cave in Tobio’s Hollow, east of Dracozu Lake’s ending corner.  

The Popla Foothills Skyview Tower is the nearest skyview tower, while the nearest shrine happens to be the Jiukoum Shrine (to the western side).

You can find the Utojis Shrine at these coordinates: 1218, -2543, 0111

The Tobio’s Hollow Cave faces the north side of the steep hill, while the shrine finds its home at the other end of this cave. As you make your way inside, a swarm of Kees will attack you from every side. You will need their wings for the shrine quest so make sure you loot them.

Legend of the Soaring Spear shrine quest

Having crossed the initial narrow passage, you will find yourself in a wide area, which is the center of the cave. Here, you will see an abandoned campsite, some old spears, and a circular rock platform/ pedestal. Moreover, you can spot an ancient two-page Tattered Notebook that contains instructions on how to complete the quest. (Though it’s not compulsory to interact with it)


Pick a Zonaite Spear and use the Fuse ability of Link to attach it with the Keese Wing you just collected a while ago. Now take this newly fused weapon and climb the circular Pedestal, which will start glowing due to its activation. Look to your right to see a green ring.

You have to throw the spear such that it goes through the ring before dropping to the ground. If a few of your attempts end in failure, there is no need to worry. Simply do the fuse process again and keep tossing spears until you succeed.

When the Zonaite Spear accurately goes through the ring, the shrine quest is finally solved. With that, the Utojis Shrine also appears out of thin air and drops near the bank of the small lake ahead of you.

How to complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Utojis shrine

As the Utojis shrine grants the “Rauru’s Blessing” in Zelda TotK, there is no puzzle to be solved inside it (just as it is in other Rauru’s Blessing shrines). You can simply go inside, interact with the Sigil, and receive the Light of Blessing. Do not forget to open the treasure chest along the way to obtain a Large Zonai Charge.

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