Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Kikakin Shrine Walkthrough

Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are dotted around all of Hyrule. These provide a way to fast travel from one place to another. Also, there are weapons you can get from the shrine during acquisition.

The Kikakin Shrine has many items which can be quite helpful. The items you can find are the Zonaite Bow, Opal and Luminous Stone, Amber, and Light of Blessing.

Read on to find out how you can get to the shrine and what to do in the shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Kikakin Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Kikakin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is located near Mount Drena to the East. Its coordinates are -0389, 2740, 0287.

The Kikakin Shrine can be approached from the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. From the Skyview Tower, move west until you cross the bridge. the location of the Kikakin Shrine is shown on the map below.

Kikakin Shrine map location in Tears Of The Kingdom

Next, you will need to move towards the road in the North by moving Northwest. Between you and the Shrine, there is a Chasm that you will want to avoid.


When on the road, move to the left and continue for some time and stop by the Hudson Sign. Near the Sign, you can find a Korok Seed right of you in the farthest corner of the cliff.

Now from the Sign, move south. It is a mountainous path and it is quite rough to traverse through. It is also quite a remote part of the map so have supplies with you accordingly. When you find the Shrine, enter it and you will find a dark hallway without any lighting.

How to solve the Kikakin Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

The Puzzle of the Kikakin shrine is called the Shining in Darkness. The Shining in Darkness Puzzle solution is quite simple and there is a lot of loot you can collect.

The Puzzle is just a rectangular path that you circle around and there are small, dead-end branches that lead out of the rectangle.

As soon as you enter the Shrine, the hall is pitch black and there will be a flashlight on the ground to your right. Pick up this flashlight and look around.

You will find a door to your right and a passage to your far left. The door is where the shrine is but the door is locked and you will need to find the key for the door.

Move to the passage to the left and when you move through, there will be a way to the right and a straight path which then turns left.

Take the straight then left path. After the left, you will find the straight path which turns left and a right turn before that. Take the straight path and take another left.

There will be lasers that you can easily avoid. After the lasers, turn left again and there will be a chest with opal in it. collect it and move back.

After crossing the laser, take a right then a left, and another right and pass through the spike blocks. After crossing the blocks, look up.

You will find a hole in the roof with light coming out of it. Here, move up using the ascend ability and open the chest. The chest contains a Zonaite Bow. Collect it and then jump down.

Carry on your way with the light in hand. You will find a right turn on your way but move straight and past the block with spikes and turn right.

You will find four grey square patches and a slab in between. Pick up the slab with your Ultrahand ability and you will find some stairs and a Chest. Jump down and open the chest. In it, you will get a key. This key opens the shrine door from the start.

Now, go back and pass through the spick block and take the first left after that. Move on and take the first left into a corridor that leads to a set of big blocks with spikes and a chest. The chest contains the Luminous Stone.

Move out of the corridor and move towards the patch on the wall. In the middle of the patch, there is a slab in the middle. Move to Slab out of the hole and you will find a small room with a chest in between. Open the chest and you will get an Amber.

Climb out of the hole in the wall and move on your path. Cross the Spike blocks and turn right. You will end up in the same room from where you started. Now get to the Shrine door and unlock the Shrine. Inside, activate the shrine and you will receive the Light of Blessing.

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