Helping Addison With Hudson Sign Locations in Zelda: TotK

Addison requires your help in fixing all the Hudson signs scattered across Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to show his loyalty.

The world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of strange characters. From Bubbul Gems eating frogs to Lost Koroks wanting to be reunited with their friends, Link will come across a variety of colorful characters on his journey to save Hyrule. One such person is Addison, an employee of Hudson Construction Company, holding President Hudson’s sign in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Addison’s devotion to his company’s boss goes, Hudson, goes way beyond what people call normal. You will come across him, at various places in Hyrule, holding Hudson signs upright. Sadly, all those signs are missing one of their support legs, and the poor guy is holding them upright due to his loyalty.

How to complete Hudson Signs side quest in Zelda TotK

Hudson Signs side quest is more like Korok seeds collection side activity where Link is rewarded almost immediately. Every time you interact with him, Addison is adamant about preventing President Hudson signs from falling. Link can persuade him to let go of the sign and this will upset Addison a great deal.

You can always help him by fixing the missing leg of the Hudson sign. Tell him to leave the sign once more (after fixing it temporarily) and Addison will quickly fix the sign permanently. As a token of his appreciation, for fixing each Hudson Sign, Addison gives 20 rupees and a meal to Link as a reward.

How to help Addison fix Hudson Signs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The broken Hudson signs can be fixed using Link’s Ultrahand ability. Luckily, every time you encounter Addison, he is standing beside Hudson Construction Company supplies. You can use these supplies to your heart’s content, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Use Link’s Ultrahand ability to manipulate the wooden planks and logs. Attach them to the sign in a way that it doesn’t fall to the side when Addison lets it go. Some signs have different heights and different resources available near them. This isn’t a one shoe fits all kind of situation, and you need to get creative with your building ideas.


You are also allowed to take items from the surrounding areas or use the ones in your inventory to help Addison fix Hudson signs. Let your imagination runs wild as there are no limits to what you can do in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda TotK Hudson Sign locations and maps

Addison holding Hudson signs can be found all over the Hyrule map at various locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. There is no quest marker to find Addison, and your chances to stumble upon him are by accident only.

But fret not, we are here to help you find Addison at all the Hudson sign locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom with helpful maps

Hyrule Field Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 1

Location: Near Central Square. North of Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.

Hudson Sign # 2

Location: Between Quarry Ruins and Mount Gustaf. West of Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.

Hudson Sign # 3

Location: Near Romani Plains. North of Mabbe Prairie.

Hudson Sign # 4

Location: Near Orsedd bridge. North to Applean forest.

Hudson Sign # 5

Location: Near Rebonae Bridge. South of Applean Forest.

Hudson Sign # 6

Location: Between Windvane Meadow and Exchange Ruins. Southwest of Hyrule Field.

Hudson Sign # 7

Location: Northwest to Coliseum ruins. South to Diggdog Suspension Bridge.

Hudson Sign # 8

Location: At the fork Southeast of Coliseum Ruins.

Hudson Sign # 9

Location: At Batrea Lake. South to the Whistling Hills.

Hudson Sign # 10

Location: Nabi Lake bridge. Northeast to Batrea Lake.

Hudson Sign # 11

Location:  Near Nima Plains. West to Mount Daphness.

Hyrule Ridge Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 12

Location: At lake Illumeni. West of Illumeni Plateau.

Hudson Sign # 13

Location: In the Southern part of Seres Scabland. West of Regencia River.

Hudson Sign # 14

Location: Near a lake East of Ludfo’s Bog. West of North Hyrule Plain.

Hudson Sign # 15

Location:  On Mount Rhoam. West of Thundra Plateau.

Hudson Sign # 16

Location: In the Eastern Part of Piper’s Ridge. Northeast to Ancient Columns.

Hudson Sign # 17

Location: Southern part of Kolami Bridge. East of Strock Lake.

Great Hyrule Forest Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 18

Location: On a road South of Salari Plain and Southwest of Irch Plain.

Hudson Sign # 19

Location: On a road East of Rowan Plain and West of Aldor Foothills.

Hudson Sign # 20

Location: Southwest of Drenan Highlands. South of a Depth opening.

Hebra Mountains/Tabantha Frontier Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 21

Location: Near Hebra Trailhead lodge. South of Rospro Pass.

Hudson Sign # 22

Location: At Talonto Peak. North of cOrvash Peak and East of Hebra South Summit.

Hudson Sign # 23

Location: At Sturnida Basin. Southwest to Biron Snowshelf.

Hudson Sign # 24

Location: South of Pikida Stonegrove and East of hebra East Summit.

Hudson Sign # 25

Location: At South Tabantha Snowfield. East of Kopeki Drifts.

Hudson Sign # 26

Location: East of North Tabantha Snowfield.

Hudson Sign # 27

Location: Near a crossroads West of Mount Drena and North of Rowan Plain.

Hudson Sign # 28

Location: On the road South of lake Totori. East of Passer Hill.

Gerudo Highlands Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 29

Location: Road leading to Gerudo Canyon Pass from the South. To the East of Gerudo Canyon.

Hudson Sign # 30

Location: Near Koukot Plateau. West of Mount Nabooru.

Hudson Sign # 31

Location: Northern most part of Gerudo Canyon.

Hudson Sign # 32

Location: On the road leading to Gerudo Desert Gateway from the North. To the West of Gerudo Canyon.

Faron Grasslands Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 33

Location: At the end of the road leading to Papetto groove. North of Laverra Beach.

Hudson Sign # 34

Location: To the east of Mount Granajh. West of Parache Plains.

Hudson Sign # 35

Location: Near the Western part of the bridge leading to Ebara Forest. North of Ebota Point.

Hudson Sign # 36

Location: Southern part of Popola Hills. North of Dracozu Lake.

Hudson Sign # 37

Location: South of Meda Mountain and East to Koto Pond.

West Necluda Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 38

Location: In ash Swamp. North of Bubinga Foret.

Hudson Sign # 39

Location: On the road North of Shasra Slope. West to Lantern Lake.

Hudson Sign # 40

Location: On the road leading to Bonooru’s Stand from the South. East of Pillars of Levia.

Mount Lanayru Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 41

Location: Western Part of the Ginner Woods. South to Midla Woods.

Hudson Sign # 42

Location: On a road South of Robred Dropoff. Northeast to Cliffs of Quince.

East Necluda Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 43

Location: West side of Palmorae Beach. Southeast to Gama Cove.

Lanayru Wetlands

Hudson Sign # 44

Location: On Mercay Island. Northernmost island of Lanayru Archipelago.

Hudson Sign # 45

Location: On the crossroads between Tabahl Woods and Mercay Island.

Lanayru Great Spring Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 46

Location: East of Ternio Trail and Southwest of Upland Zorana.

Akkla Highlands Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 47

Location: Near a crossroads South of Kanalet Ridge. North of South Akkala Plains.

Hudson Sign # 48

Location: On a road West of Malin Bay and South of East Akkala Plains.

Deep Akkala Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 49

Location: On a road between Octorok Lake and Ordorac Quarry.

Hudson Sign # 50

Location: On a crossroads South of North Akkala Foothill and North of East Akkala Beach.

Hudson Sign # 51

Location: On top of a hill East of Tumlea Heights and Northeast of Bloodleaf Lake.

Eldin Canyon Hudson sign locations

Hudson Sign # 52

Location: On a road East of Lake Ferona and West of Cephla Lake.

Hudson Sign # 53

Location: On the crossroads South to Trilby plains. The north end of Thims Bridge.

Hudson Sign # 54

Location: On a road North of Pico Pond.

Hudson Sign # 55

Location: To the East of Goron Hot Springs and North of Goronbi River

Hudson Sign # 56

Location: North of Goro cave and South of Lake Darman.

These are all the locations we have found so far of Addison holding Hudson signs throughout Hyrule region. It is now up to Link to help this poor guy and free him from his agony.

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