Sifumim Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Sifumim shrine is situated in a secluded area near the Dunsel Plateau, west of Mount Dunsel in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

One of the Zelda TotK Shrine Map locations found in the Necluda region of Tears of the Kingdom is Sifumim Shrine. This shrine does not involve any shrine quest or puzzles to solve and allows you to enter once you reach its premises.

Similar to the shrines like Simosiwak and Joku-usin, this shrine also tests your combat skills by putting you against some electric-powered floating enemies.

Our guide below will help you find and solve the Sifumim Shrine in Zelda TotK to get the final reward that is crucial for upgrading Link’s Health and Stamina.

Where to find Sifumim Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Sifumim shrine is situated in a secluded area near the Dunsel Plateau, west of Mount Dunsel. The closest shrine is Bamitok Shrine, and the closest skyview tower is Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. You can use either of these to fast travel and then make your way to Sifumim shrine.

From the Dunsel Plateau, make your way to the south and reach the plateau that oversees the Ruined Village. That’s where you will find the shrine in front of you. Press Examine to move inside and explore further areas.

Coordinates for the precise position of the Sifumim shrine are 2826, -3270, 0092.


How to complete the Sifumim Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As soon as you enter the Sifumim Shrine in Zelda TotK, the first thing that happens is the removal of your upper clothes, your weapons, and all other equipment that you were carrying before. The shrine is purely a test of raw strength and you will only be able to use the basic equipment given at the starting phase.

Make sure to take all of the equipment provided with you to take help in taking down the enemies and saving as much health as possible (as there is no way to heal in this journey).

Step 1) Eliminate the Constructs on the Floating Platforms

The Construct enemies ahead in your way are not much of an adversary to worry about. You only have to avoid the shock attacks that they throw from a distance, standing above some floating platforms.

The first construct will be coming from your right side in the lower water pool. Hide behind the boxes in front to dodge the shock attacks. The easiest way to take out this enemy is to pull the floating platform below it by using Ultrahand. This will cause the Construct to fall down into the water, dying in the process.

Go ahead and grab the loot, especially the Bows. Now you have two options to beat the remaining Constructs floating on the upper water body. You can either take them out of using bow attacks or simply strip out the platforms underneath them to make them drown in the water.

The second way is pretty easy and safe to go with. Don’t forget to loot the remains of the bodies of these poor enemies (especially Shock Fruit).

Step 2) Defeat the Giant Construct on the Uppermost Floor

While walking on the narrow pathway alongside the upper water body, you will also get a Soldier Construct II Horn. You have to Fuse it with a weapon like Sturdy Thick Stick to make a new powerful weapon. This will help you defeat the most powerful Construct that you have to fight yet.

Swim through the waterway and take the wooden stairs to reach the uppermost floor. Use the newly fused weapon to take this enemy down. You can also use an efficient way to get rid of this enemy sooner, i.e. throw it down into the water.

Having defeated all the Constructs, you will be given back all of your clothing and equipment that was stripped away from you. With this, the door leading to the shrine also opens, allowing you to go inside. Make sure to loot the Captain II Reaper from the treasure chest that sits on your way.

Finally, examine the shrine to obtain one Light of Blessing and complete Sifumim shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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