Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Sifumim Shrine Walkthrough

Tears of Kingdom features many shrines including Sifumim Shrine where players need to solve a puzzle granting them skills and rewards.

Solving the Sifumim Shrine Proving Grounds will get you Light of Blessing which you can exchange at Goddess of Statue to upgrade your stamina and health.

Where to find the Sifumim Shrine in Zelda: Totk

To find the Sifumim Shrine, you need to travel to the Northwest of Lurelin Village to reach the East Necluda region. The exact coordinates of the location are (2826, -3271, 0078).

Sifumim Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

One way you can reach this place is by first traveling to the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. Once there, the East Necluda region can be reached by gliding southwest.

How to complete the Sifumim Shrine in Zelda: TotK

During this mission, you are going to need fuel to ignite fuses which will in turn get rid of robots. That said, the first thing you need to do after entering the shrine is to gather Long Stick, Wooden Stick.

Also, while you are there, you can also grab Old Wooden Shield from the loot to tank up your defenses against enemies.


Activate the Fuse in the Main Chamber

The Sifumim Shrine puzzle solution requires players to travel to the main chamber of the shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. While there, you need to whip out the Wooden Stick from the inventory and attach it to the wooden crate on the right side.

Doing so will activate the Fuse. As soon as you enter the room, you need to immediately take cover behind the wooden crates. Not doing this will put you as a target of the Constructs arrows.

Get rid of Constructs on the Outer Circle

The next task is to wait under the Wooden Crate for the enemy construct to come in your direction. Inside the shrine, the water flows in only one direction which is from the watch tower towards the Wooden Crates.

That said, you can use that flow of water to your advantage and target the enemies when they are around the Crates. When that happens, you need to use the Ultrahand to destabilize the Constructs.

If done correctly, this will cause the constructs to fall into the water. As the constructs cannot swim underwater, therefore, they will be taken care of in a matter of seconds.

Once this is done, repeat the same process for the enemy constructs located toward the edge of the outer circle.

Use the floating raft to reach the middle level

Once the enemies have been taken care of, you also need to use that advantage to grab all of their loot. This will include Bows, Arrows, and Ice Fruits.

Enemy constructs will now be turned into rafts that you can ride into the outer circle. Once you are on the raft, look for a ladder that will take you to the middle level of the room.

Get rid of the enemy Trio on the middle level

After climbing the stairs, you will be faced with yet another raft with enemy constructs on top. Use the same strategy of grabbing them with Ultrahand to push them into the water. This will instantly kill them.

There will be another enemy construct raft coming your way, so you need to climb down the stairs and wait for them to come. This will save you from any incoming shots fired by the constructs.

Then repeat the same process twice and kill two enemy constructs that will come towards you on the middle level.

Travel to the back area of the room

The next thing after defeating the enemies is to collect their loot. For that, you need to get in the water and avoid swimming toward the entrance of the shrine. If done, you will risk being spotted by enemies on the higher platform.

The loot will consist of bows, Ice Fruits, and a couple of arrows. After doing so, you then need to travel to the grate located in the back area of the room. Once there, use the ascend ability to climb to the floor above.

Get rid of the final Constructs

After climbing to the third level, the very first thing that you need to do is travel to the spiked metal ball located nearby. Use that ball to fuse your long stick.

You then need to start defeating the remaining constructs. For that, you need to fuse your arrows with Ice Fruits and freeze the constructs by shooting the arrows toward them.

The next task after shooting arrows is to shoot the fused long stick onto the barrels of the constructs. While shooting, you need to keep in mind to shoot on the edge of the platform.

Doing so will break the raft sending enemies into the water. Repeat the same strategy until all the final enemy constructs are taken care of.

Head to the Altar to claim your gear

Once all enemy constructs are taken care of, you need to return to the main altar in the shrine. Here, you will come across a chest that will contain Captain IV Reaper.

Now that you have your weapon with you, you can get the Light of Blessing by interacting with the altar, and with that, the Sifumim Shrine is complete in Tears of the Kingdom.

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