How To Complete Pupunke Shrine In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Five golden apples are the key to success in finding Pupunke shrine.

Pupunke Shrine is about helping a little Korok find some golden apples. Each good deed you do has a reward; in this case, it comes in the form of a Light of Blessing. Being a blessing shrine, Pupunke Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers no challenge in combat or puzzles. However, there is a side quest associated with it that you need to finish to unlock this shrine.

Pupunke Shrine Location in Zelda: TotK

Pupunke Shrine is in the Northeast of Korok Forest, a part of the Great Hyrule Forest. You can only reach this area by saving the Deku Tree in the depths and using the Ascend ability.

Its exact coordinates are (0605, 2226, 0163).

Pupunke Shrine Walkthrough

You must complete the “A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples” quest to unlock the Pupunke shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. To start this quest, you must talk to a Korok named Damia. This Korok is standing near a path illuminated by glowing peapods to the east of Musanokir Shrine. Her coordinates are (0563, 2160, 0159).

Ask this Korok for the stone. Damia will offer to trade it to you for five golden apples. She will also tell you where to find them in the Mido Swamp. You can also trade five golden apples for the stone if you have five golden apples in your inventory to complete this quest quickly.

1. Start your journey by following the path illuminated by glowing peapods. Don’t deviate, or the fog will swallow you and spit you out before the Musanokir shrine.

2. You will encounter many skeleton enemies’ aka Stalkoblins and Stalmoblins. You will also encounter some walking trees that you can take down with a sharp weapon.

3. Turn right to continue the path with glowing peapods. Soon, you will reach the brink of Mido Swamp to your left.

4. Pick up a large plank nearby with the Ultrahand and place it on the swamp. Or you can simply jump from a nearby tree and make your way to the small sections of land inside the swamp.

5. Use the tree logs to save yourself from drowning in the swamp. Keep an eye out for Fire Chuchus and wizards in the area.

6. Once you reach the opposite end of Mido Swamp, you will notice a couple of trees with golden apples. Cut down the trees and collect all the golden apples.

7. Instead of returning the way you came in, fast travel to Musanokir shrine. From there, go east to find Damia. Hand over the golden apples to her; she will allow you to pick up the green crystal.

8. Pick up the green crystal and follow the green light emerging from it. It will lead you to Pupunke Shrine nearby.

9. Place the green crystal on the entrance of Pupunke Shrine to unlock it and complete A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples side quest. Enter the shrine and collect a Mighty Zonaite Sword from the treasure chest. Interact with Rauru and Sonia’s statues to complete the Pupunke Shrine and obtain a Light of Blessing.

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