Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Kiuyoyou Shrine Walkthrough

Visiting different shrine locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is quite beneficial for Link. Apart from acting as fast travel points, many shrines teach you how to use different abilities, build devices, and make use of the elements.

One of these shrines is the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Rowan Plain which teaches players how to use the elements of fire and ice, how they antagonize each other, and how this can be applied to your own advantage.

The Kiuyoyou Shrine contains the “Fire and Ice” puzzle and you unlock this shrine as a fast travel point after the completion of this puzzle. So, without further ado, let us point out the exact location of this shrine.

Where to find the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Kiuyoyou Shrine can be found near Lindor’s Brow of Hyrule Forest in Tears of the Kingdom.

Its coordinates are -1106, 2090, and 1014. You can also reach the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Zelda: TotK by continuing east of the Forgotten Temple till you reach the point near some trees marked on the map below.

Kiuyoyou Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

How to solve the Kiuyoyou Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

You have to solve a “Fire and Ice” puzzle in the Kiuyoyou Shrine, meaning that you get to learn how to use both elements in Tears of the Kingdom.


During your time in the shrine, you also obtain a Zonaite Spear and at the end, you are rewarded by a Light of Blessing. So, to obtain these items let us look into the Kiuyouyu Shrine puzzle solution.

Enter the room behind the bar

As soon as you enter the Kiuyoyou Shrine, you will see a large ask ice cube in front of you and some fire to your right.

What you need to do here is to place the ice cube in a wall cavity near the bar cage that will open the bar cage behind it but it cannot be done as the ice cube is too big to fit into the cavity of the wall.

Use your Ultrahand ability to move the ice cubes closer to the fire to make them smaller.

Now the ice cube will fit into the cavity and the bar cage will be unlocked allowing you passage to the next room.

Bring the ice cube down

After entering the next room, you will see an inclined ledge in front of you from where you can paraglide but before doing that, make sure that you have enough stamina.

Now, you will see ice cubes coming down from the top and the fire on the left immediately melting them. You need to grab an ice cube so the first step is to block this fire.

Grab the ledge present in front of you using the Ultrahand and place it in front of the fire to block it.

bring the ice cube down for the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Now, take the next ice cube and put it aside. Grab the ledge again and place it on top of the ice cube.

ice cube placement in the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Once the ledge is lying flat on top of the ice cube, pick them both up and place them on the spikes to your right.

The ice cube will slide down the spikes and you can also paraglide your way down with it.

Find the chest containing the Zonaite Spear

Once it is down, position it next to the ledge on the wall. Take the ledge on top of the cube and position it in such a way that it is oblique.

Now, you can easily climb it and it will lead you to a treasure chest that contains the Zonaite Spear.

Locate the switch with the fire and place the ice cube on it

Take the oblique ledge off the ice cube and place it flat on top of the ice cube again. Look at the front and you will see fire coming down on a switch.

Take the ice cube with the flat ledge and put it on the switch so that it turns on and the ledge on top prevents the fire from melting the ice cube.

ice cube puzzle in the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Go to the next room with the altar

This will open the bar cage to your left where you can now go and touch the altar to end the shrine puzzle.

Like many other shrines, you will be rewarded with a Light of Blessing key item upon the completion of the Kiuyoyou Shrine.