Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Musanokir Shrine Walkthrough

Musanokir Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a puzzle for you to solve. Most shrine locations have some sort of puzzle for you, which is no different. This shrine contains the “Swing to Hit” puzzle, which is not that difficult to solve if you know what to do.

Our guide will take you through this location so you can reach it quickly and solve the puzzle.

Where to find the Musanokir Shrine in Zelda TotK

Again this is one of the shrines you find on the surface region. To find this shrine, you need to enter the Great Hyrule Forest.

The Musanokir Shrine is a bit north of the center on the surface region of the Hyrule map. Head towards the Korok forest area, which you can see on the above map. It is in the dead center of this forest. You can also follow these coordinates; 0408, 2133, and 0144.

If you have difficulty reaching it, you can start from the Depths and head towards the Rikonasum Lightroot. From there, you can use Ascend ability in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to reach the Musanokir shrine.

How to solve Musanokir Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Musanokir Shrine puzzle solution is a bit technical. When you enter the shrine, you come across a fallen bridge. This bridge has a metal chain attached to a metal bob.


Use the Ultrahand ability to pick up this metal bob and attach it to the metal cube on the other side of the platform. After crossing the bridge, you must hit a target on your right-hand side to open the gate in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. A chain with a metal bob will be hanging in front of the target.

Using Ultrahand, attach the metal cube to the bob to the cube. Raise it and let go. This will create a swing, so the cube will hit the target, opening the door.

Now the final target will appear. A spare log will be in front of you. Pick it up and attach it diagonally to the raised platform to create a bridge if you wish to get the reward chest in Zelda TotK.

Climb up the log to the platform. Jump and use Link’s glider to get to the chest. You will find a Large Zonai inside it. Glide back to the platform. Now detach the log and attach it in such a way to the elevated platform that it faces the target.

Now it’s time to attach the metal cube to the bob hanging below. After this, swing the metal cube once again. The log will hit the target, opening a gate to your left. Go inside this gate and interact with the altar to get the Light of Blessing crystal in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Musanokir shrine.

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