How To Complete Ninjis Shrine In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Soar into the skies of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to find the treasure on earth.

Ninjis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the most elusive one. While it offers no challenge at all, reaching the place where it is housed and finding it is a significant puzzle in itself.

Follow this guide to find Korok Forest easily. Then, glide down to Ninjis Shrine to collect its ultimate reward, Light of Blessing.

Ninjis Shrine Location in Zelda: TotK

Ninjis Shrine is in the southern part of Korok Forest, inside the Great Hyrule Forest. You can reach this area through the Great Deku Tree’s roots in the depths.

Ninjis Shrine’s exact coordinates are (035219000178), and it will only appear as a target on your map once you talk to Mecca.

Ninjis Shrine Walkthrough

To reach Ninjis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you must complete a side quest called Meca’s Special Place. Start this quest by talking to a little Korok Maca (0381, 2084, 0145) standing near the glowing peapods and a path leading deep into the jungle.

To reach his place, you can start from Musanokir Shrine, which serves as the central hub of this confusing area.

1. Talk to Maca, and this will start Maca’s Special Place side quest. He will mark the location of Ninjis Shrine on your map and ask you to reach it from above. This is your only option, as only Koroks can enter the fog.

2. Fast Travel to Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower as it is the nearest one. Use it to get airborne and glide southwards.

3. Open your map to check the ground map for the marked location. From above, you will see a shrine. Press the right analog stick to bring out your camera, and mark the shrine with a beacon.


This is very important as the shrine will disappear from your view due to fog as you reach above the Korok Forest.

4. Simply glide towards the marker Maca has placed for you or the beacon you have placed. Make sure to land precisely on that point; otherwise, the fog will take you back to the center of Korok Forest.

5. As this is a Blessing Shrine, you don’t need to fight anyone or solve any puzzle. Open the treasure chest to obtain the Mighty Construct Bow.

6. Interact with the statues of Rauru and Sonia to collect a Light of Blessing. On your way out, talk to little Maca near the shrine’s entrance to complete Maca’s Special Place side quest.

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