V Rising Headgear Guide: Hats, Cloaks, Helmets

We’ve prepared this V Rising Headgear Guide, where we’ll be showing you where you can get hats and helmets for your character.

If you’re unhappy with your vampire’s appearance in V Rising and want to make them look even cooler, hats and helmets are the way to go. To help you out with finding and equipping them, we’ve prepared this V Rising Headgear Guide, where we’ll be showing you where you can get hats and helmets for your character.

V Rising Headgear Guide: Hats and Helmets

When you open your character menu, you may notice an empty slot located on your head. This slot is for helmets and hats, but these items are not obtained the same way as other armor pieces in V Rising.

Headgear in V Rising does not grant any protection to your character; its only purpose is to make it look cool. Because of that, you can’t obtain hats and helmets in the same way you obtain boots, gloves, and chest armor pieces.

So to help you out with finding the coolest hats and helmets in V Rising, below, we’ve listed down the different ways you can find headgear in the game.

Go Fishing

The easiest way to obtain new headgear in V Rising is to go Fishing. Fishing is a very useful feature in the game as you can fish out all kinds of valuable loot from the water, like blueprints, ingots, and even headgear.

To go Fishing, you’ll need to craft a Fishing Pole. The recipe for the Fishing Pole is unlocked when you defeat Rufus the Foreman.


Once you’ve defeated the boss and unlocked the recipe, craft the Fishing Pole using 6x Planks, 3x Copper Ingots, and 3x Coarse Thread.

Your next objective is to find the best fishing spot. There are ponds, lakes, and rivers present all around the world of V Rising, so choosing the best spot can be a little tricky.

But worry not, as we’ve marked the safest and most convenient fishing spots in the map image below.

Once you’re ready to start Fishing, equip your Fishing Pole in your hand and click your left mouse button on a school of fish and wait. Once you see a large splash on the spot where your fishing line is, simply click the left mouse button again to pull the treasure out.

Using this fishing method, you’ll be able to obtain all kinds of headgear, such as the Militia Helmet, Straw Hat, Bonnet, etc.

Raid Bandit Camps

Bandit Camps are an excellent source for all kinds of valuable loot. When you’re looting a Bandit Camp, there’s a small chance you’ll find a helmet inside the treasure chest of the camp.

The chance of finding headgear in this way isn’t that high, but you’ll be raiding Bandit Camps throughout your playthrough of V Rising anyway, so you’ll find new headgear organically as you play through the game.

Purchase Headgear from Wandering Traders

The final way to obtain headgear in V Rising is to simply buy it from Wandering Traders.

Whenever you find a trader wandering around, interact with them in your human form and check out what they’re selling. If you’re lucky, they might have a hat or helmet available for you to buy. Do note that they ask for Silver Coins in return, so this method of finding headgear is an expensive one.

How to Get the Immortal King’s Greathelm

The Immortal King’s Greathelm is easily one of the coolest-looking helmets in V Rising, but unfortunately, it is not available for everyone.

This helmet is only available for people who have purchased the Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC.

If you’re one of those people, open up your character menu and click on the crafting tab. The Immortal King’s Greathelm should be available for you to craft. The recipe for this helmet is listed below.

How to Get Cloaks

You can get Cloaks in V Rising either by a DLC purchase or by crafting it. Like you can get the Immortal King’s Mantle cloak by purchasing the Dracula’s Relics Pack DLC.

You can also go to the Haunted Iron Mine and look for the Golden Chest inside it, as you can find different Cloaks in them.

Other than that, you can also craft Cloaks at the Tailoring Bench. The Cloaks that you can craft at the Tailoring Bench can be seen below, and the crafting recipe.

Immortal King’s Mantle

Immortal King’s Drape

Hunter’s Cloak

Phantom’s Veil

Traveler’s Wrap

  • 5x Cloth
  • 5x Leather

Thousand-Stich Cloak

  • 4x Cotton Yarn

Hermit’s Shawl

  • 4x Cotton Yarn

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