V Rising Raiding Guide

In this V Rising Raiding Guide, we will explain How raiding works in the game and how to make a Siege Golem.

In this V Rising Raiding Guide, we will explain how raiding works in the game and how to make a Siege Golem. We will also give you some raiding tips to make raiding easier for you. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

How Raiding Works in V Rising

While V Rising starts out as a survival game, it quickly becomes a battle of supremacy over the land vs other players. A huge chunk of this conflict is raiding and sieging castles!

Raiding in V Rising will be your main activity after you’ve taken down all the main enemies and bosses of the region.  You’ll be looting the castles of other players for all their rare items and resources

Your main target, however, should be the Soul Shards. These are powerful artifacts that dub you Dracula of the server once you have all four.

To Raid in V Rising you need bombs and, most importantly, a Siege Golem Stone. When raiding Wooden Castles bombs are enough as their walls will quickly fall to them. However, against Stone Castles, the Siege Golem is a must.

So, once you have your equipment, bombs and Siege Golem ready (more on how to construct one below) you need to pick a Castle to raid. Scout one on the map and find a tactical spot to start summoning your Siege Golem

Do note that when you summon your Siege Golem, a message is sent throughout the server informing them that a Golem is summoned. To make matters worse, your Golem’s location is known to all and shown on the map!

So, be ready to defend the Golem while it’s being summoned. It can be destroyed so try to keep it safe and be ready for some PvP mayhem.

If you successfully summon it, you can take control of the Golem by interacting with it. While in the Siege Golem, you have a new set of skills built to destroy Stone Castle walls. Pilot the golem over and being hammering away.

It’s important to note that while you’re in the Golem, you can be killed if the golem is destroyed, so try and bring some friends along to defend you while you do this.

Once you’ve breached the castle, the loot is yours for the taking. Take everything you can and get out.

Whilst we’ve described how to successfully conduct a raid, you have to be prepared to be sieged at your own castle a well. To protect yourself, quickly upgrade to a Stone Castle quickly.

Next, keep an eye out for Golem spawn messages and check if its anywhere near your castle. If you’re attacked. Go defend your castle and move your precious items to your private stash.

How to Make Siege Golem

To make your Siege Golem, the first thing you must do is to beat Terah the Geomancer. She unlocks the recipe for the Siege Golem Stone. After that, you need the following items for the Siege Golem Stone:

Once crafted, the Siege Golem Stone will allow you to start summoning the golem. You always want to summon near the castle you want to raid to allow yourself maximum time in the golem to break the walls down.

Raiding Tips

There are a few tips related to Raiding in V Rising that are incredibly important to know:

  • Other players will know when you’ve summoned a Golem. So, make sure you pick a place that you can comfortably PvP in and one that is relatively close to the castle you are sieging.
  • It takes a few minutes to summon the Golem and individuals can damage the Golem and destroy it before it finishes. So, bring a few friends along to help defend it for a successful summon.
  • If you’re being raided and you see it by your base, now is the time to go grab blood from your minions and move your most important items to your private stash and ready yourself to fight.
  • When the Siege Golem rises, one player can take control of it. You’ll have three abilities; a basic attack, a foot slam that does AoE around you and a big swing that arches in front of you while you can use your foot slam on structures. Make sure whoever is controlling the golem focuses on the castle and let other players do the defending.
  • The castles stay on your map all the way until they’re fully destroyed. So, it’s going to be very important to choose a good location for your castle where that’s both defensible and smart for gathering resources in order to bring them back to your key.
  • Dying on a PvP server drops your inventory but not your equipment and dying on a hardcore full loot server drops everything.
  • Once the siege begins, you have a limited time to siege and dilute that player’s base.
  • Each player in your clan can have up to nine servants at the higher tier castles which you can absolutely gear out to increase their level and use as a defense against wandering monsters, Bosses and players who attempt to siege you.
  • Fire Archers work incredibly well, both against Vampires and Siege Golems because Siege Golems have no i-frame space for our movement ability. In general, Golems are very slow.
  • Tier 1 bombs are fairly easy to make but the boss that you have to kill to unlock them is Clive the Firestarter that is located at the Sulfur mine in tier 1, is actually a bit of a challenge.
  • Tier 2 bombs are also fairly easy to make as far as the mats go but the boss that you have to kill is Jade the Vampire Hunter. She is actually very hard to kill and there’s tons of wandering patrols and other bosses in her patrol area.
  • Sunlight affects the Golem and does immense damage. That’s why choosing to siege in the daytime is very dangerous
  • Siege Golems can be used to fight bosses as well.
  • Once you’re inside the castle, you just hold F to unlock and then you can steal all their loot, from both the crafting stations and the chests.
  • Vampire Lockbox cannot be looted in the normal PvP server.

You can also learn how to build a Jewelry Chamber Room in V Rising by following our dedicated guide.

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