How To Get To Eldin In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You need to climb up to the top of the Eldin Tower in order to fly north to reach your next objective in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

To complete the Crisis At Hyrule Castle main quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Some of the objectives that you need to check off are separate main quests themselves.

After you have found Captain Hoz’s location, you can carry on by completing the Camera Work In The Depths Quest, followed by the Regional Phenomena Quest before you continue to travel toward Hyrule Castle.

As part of the Regional Phenomena Quest, your first objective will be to go seek out Hebra and then complete yet another main quest, Tulin of Rito Village.

Your next objective is to travel toward the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. So, in this guide, we will show you how to get to Eldin in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Eldin location in Tears of the Kingdom

Eldin map location in Tears of the Kingdom

To get to the Eldin Canyon Skyview tower you’ll need to travel toward the Lookout Landing. From there you’ll need to head in the northeast direction until you reach the coordinates 1637, 1183, 0225.

The route that you will take is through a mountainous region in the surroundings of the Lookout Landing. You can also use a Zonai Device for ease, as in this way you’ll be able to approach the tower from the air.


The tower is difficult to miss you’ll be able to spot it from quite a distance, making your approach toward it that much easier.

How to open the Eldin tower

Once at the tower, comes the hurdle of traversing it. Your first action will be to interact with an NPC at the entrance of the tower. You’ll be informed by him that the doors of the Eldin Skyview Tower have been stuck due to damage caused by a falling boulder.

You’ll also find out that the tower has now become accessible from the roof since the boulder also damaged the roof, opening the top area as a result.

Your next task will be to traverse the Eldin Tower from the outside and look to enter it from above.

Now the net phase of the mission will be dependent on how much Stamina Link has. You may be in trouble if you failed to upgrade it a decent amount.

Not to worry though, you can approach to strategically climb the tower by looking for spots to catch a breadth. One such spot is close to the beginning of your climb. It is the beam just above the entrance gate of the tower. You can use it for an early rest spot to regain stamina.

Your next rest point will come in the form of a second wooden beam. You need to make your way to the yellow lanterns before you can get to it, however. It may be a little tricky to get to it though, you’ll need to jump onto it whilst climbing to reach it.

The next stretch of your climb should be a breeze as you can easily rest upon the wide ledge above you. You need to conserve stamina whilst getting on it, however.

From this ledge, you can continue to climb straight above the tower until the end, in one stretch. If you haven’t had many upgrades in stamina you may seem that you are struggling toward the final bit. Not to worry simply jump at the last moment and you should make it.

Now once at the top, paraglide your way through the roof to the ground floor. You can stand at the edge and jump whilst pressing the X button to do so.

Next, approach the launch pad and press A. This will launch you up in the air as Eldin Canyon Skyview tower will activate and you can then check your map to see the updates.

You can then finally paraglide north from the top of the tower to reach Goron City. This location will be marked on your map as your next quest objective.

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