Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Great Fairy Fountain Locations And Maps

Four Great Fairy Fountains in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are used to upgrade your various equipment, especially armor outfits. You have to bring the demanded amount of different resources to the fairy in these fountains, and she will upgrade your desired equipment.

You will, at some point, need to unlock a Fairy Fountain in Zelda TotK to upgrade your armor, and it will get better if you know the locations of all the Fairy Fountains so that you can come to the nearest one when needed.

This guide that we have crafted will provide you with the locations of each Great Fairy fountain in Zelda TotK along with maps and instructions on how to reveal them.

All Great Fairy Fountain locations and how to reveal them

In Zelda TotK, the fairies don’t come out by interacting with the fountains. We found out that in order to summon fairies in Zelda TotK, we had to play musical instruments near the great fairy fountains. Once the fairy has been summoned, then you can upgrade your armor.

However, before we were able to summon each fairy, we had to complete specific tasks and quests for each fairy fountain.

Great Fairy Fountain (Terra)

This Great Fairy Fountain is located northwest of Dueling Peaks Stable in the Great Hyrule Forest Region. To reveal this fairy, head to the Lucky Clover Gazette west of Lake Totori in Tabantha Frontier.


After talking to the editor there, you must complete a quest called “Potential Princess Sighting.” To complete this quest, head toward the Woodland Stable northeast of Hyrule Castle.

Once you arrive, visit the ledger shop and acquire 3 Pony Points in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You can get the Pony Points by registering a horse and sleeping at Malanya Bed.

Then, talk to Kish and bring out your horse capable of towing harnesses. You can select a horse with good stars in Pull Tab. Now, approach the Travelling Stable Trotters Musicians and talk to them. Penn will tell you that a fairy needs to listen to the music, but the musician needs to get there using a broken cart.

You have to fix the cart. On the right side of the cart is a shelter with some stuff. Pick two wheels using your Ultrahand and attach them to the cart’s axle. Do similarly for the other side as well. Bring your horse and attach its harness to the cart.

Get the Stable Trotters Musicians on the cart and transport them to the Great Fairy Fountains on the northwest mountain in Zelda TotK.

The Stable Trotters Musicians will play the music there, and the great fairy Terra will come out of its fountain.   That is your first fairy. After that, Penn will mark other locations of the great fairies on your map.

Great Fairy Fountain (Cotera)

The Cortera Great Fairy Fountain is on the east side of the Little Twin Bridge of the West Necluda Region.

Head toward the Dueling Peak Stable in the West Necluda region to unlock this fairy fountain. Talk to Tasserin there; he will tell you that a fairy needs to hear a drummer. So, you need to find a drummer. We were able to find a musician near Kakariko Village. Take out your fastest horse and ride toward the Kakariko Village on the north side of the stable.

Before entering the Kakariko Village, you will see an arc rock on the right side of the road. Head inside it, and you will find Beetz playing drum outside a camp. Beetz will ask you to bring him three honey crepes you can easily find in the forest around Kakariko Village.

Then come back and talk to Beetz; he will join the Stable Trotters Musicians in the Dueling Peaks Stable in Zelda TotK. You must take the musicians to the Great Fairy Fountain south of Dueling Peaks Stable. But, it would be best if you made a boat to transport them across the river.

Use the materials in the shelter to build a raft boat. First, attach the two fans to the corners of the flat raft. Then, put the controller in the front middle and place a jar-like device in the middle of the fans.

Now, you have to put the carriage above the raft, but talk to everybody around you before you do. Now, take the boat to the river and transport the musicians to the Great Fairy Fountain in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. After playing the music, the fairy will emerge from its fountain.

Great Fairy Fountain (Kaysa)

The Kaysa Great Fairy Fountain is located west of the Coliseum Ruins in the Hyrule Field region of Zelda TotK.

You will need a Piper to help the Stable Trotters Musicians to reveal this fairy. The piper is found on a tree in the Highland Stable in the Faron Grassland.

Talk to the Piper and ask for his help. He will tell you that he accidentally lit a tree on fire and will need ten fireflies to make this tree glow for a girl in Tears of the Kingdom.

You must head north toward the Finra Woods to hunt fireflies at night. Also, you can buy fireflies from a merchant that will pass nearby on the road. Bring the fireflies to the Piper and head inside the stable camp and bring the piper’s girl to the piper so that he can show her his music show.

Now, head towards the Outskirts Stable and talk to Mastro. He will tell you that the fairy needs to listen to the music, but some rocks fell down the path. So, you need to attach their carriage to another vehicle. Approach the ATV on the right of the carriage and attach its one missing tire from the ground.

Then place the controller on the front and put the carriage on top of the ATV. Now, transport the musicians to the location of the fairy fountain in Zelda TotK, which is on the mountain on the west of Outskirts Stable. The musicians will play the music, and the fairy Kaysa will reveal herself.

Great Fairy Fountain (Mija)

This Fairy Fountain is located on the Tundra northeast of the Hebra Mountains Region and north of the Snowfield Stable.

You must find and recruit a horn player for the musicians to reveal this fairy. The horn player can be found on a crater west of the Pipers Ridge on the Tabantha Frontier.

Head there and ask the horn player Eustus. He will tell you to take his carriage out of the crater hole. Approach the materials and attach two air balloons on the opposite sides of the perforated metal plate. Then put the emitters inside the balloons.

Then, put the metal plate above the carriage. Make sure the plate is balanced on both sides. After that, place the two fans in the middle of the other sides at a 45-degree orientation. Light the ballon with any fire source to activate it.

Afterward, talk to Mastro at the Snowfield Stable south of the great fairy fountain in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. He will tell you to build a roof on the carriage. To do that, place the big wood plank above the carriage. Then attach the carriage to the Towing Harness of your horse.

Then, take the Stable Trotter musicians to the location of the fairy fountain on the north of the Snowfield Stable.

The musicians will play music, and the Fairy Mija will appear from the fountain in Zelda TotK.

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