Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Mayaotaki Shrine Walkthrough 

The Mayaotaki Shrine is one of the biggest shrines in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. This is a Rauru’s Blessing shrine, which means that there is no puzzle to solve inside the shrine. But, the hard part is getting to it. 

You will get the Light of Blessing and the precious loot inside when you complete it.  

This article will tell you how to get to the Mayaotaki shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and solve its puzzles. 

Where to find the Mayaotaki Shrine in Zelda: TotK

tears of the kingdom mayaotaki shrine location on map

The Mayaotaki can be found towards North Lomei Labyrinth towards Tabantha Snowfield. You will see the Mayaotaki Shrine in the center of the labyrinth. The shrine is situated in the region of Hebra Mountains at the coordinates -0956, 3535, and 0234.  

In order to reach the shrine, you need to find a way to enter the maze where there is a shrine puzzle. You will receive a note from a researcher outside the maze that will clue you in as to how to solve the maze.  

You will find more notes as you go deeper inside along with some Hylian Pine Cones. If you find them on your path, you’re going the right way. 


How to solve the Mayaotaki Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

Enter the maze and proceed forward until you see a campfire. Light it up and throw a Hylian Pine Cone on it to create an updraft. Jump in the draft and glide past the gloom. From here, take the right path and then the left path up the stairs. Follow the trail of pine cones until you reach the second camp.  

Go right and proceed on the path by simply following the trail of pine cones. You will get to a block of ice which you can easily climb over and continue on your path.

You will come to another area which is blocked by gloom and a campfire nearby. Light it up and throw a pine cone on it to create another updraft. Jump in it and glide over the blocked area.  

Eventually, you get to the third camp. Proceed left and follow the trail. You will come to a point where there will be a wall that is lower than the rest with a pine cone in front of it. Climb the wall and you will see a pine cone in front of you.  

Proceed up the path to find another camp. Read the notes and then paraglide down. Interact with the sigil to pick up a side quest “The North Lomei Prophecy”. You can skip this step if you’re not interested in taking on this side quest and move directly to the Mayaotaki Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

Then turn around and melt the ice pillar using Fire Fruit or Yunobo’s ability. Once it is gone, activate the shrine and step inside.  

This is a Rauru’s Blessing shrine meaning you won’t have to solve any puzzles further. Go to the chest and open it to pick up a Diamond and then activate the shrine at the end to pick up a Light of Blessing. And with that, the shrine is complete.  

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