Best Merchants To Find In Hyrule In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Knowing where the best merchants are located in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will make your journey across Hyrule a lot easier than before.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a lot of NPC merchants that aid Link by offering him unique items and materials from their respective shops. Some shops can be accessed by simply visiting a particular area like Enchanted in Gerudo Village, but some shops are hidden and can only be accessed by completing side quests or finding the hidden passage leading to them. We will be covering some of the best merchants found all over Hyrule in our guide.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom best merchants in Hyrule

While there are numerous vendors across the different towns and villages in Zelda TotK, there are some that offer some of the best equipment in the game. Below we have compiled the best merchant shops that we think you should definitely check out in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

These shops offer unique gear and items to help Link aid through his journey to save Hyrule and Princess Zelda.

Goron City armor shop

The armor shop in Goron City sells one of the most important armor sets in the game, the Flamebreaker Armor for 3300 rupees. This armor is required to traverse the scorching plains of Eldin region and Death Mountain.

Rito Village armor shop

Rito Village is in Hebra Region, the coldest part of Hyrule. The armor shop in Rito Village, Brazen Beak run by Kheel, sells the Snowquill Armor set for 2150 rupees that can save Link from Frostbite and Hypothermia.

Gerudo Secret Club

Gerudo Secret Club shop is run by Greta and is only accessible to its patrons. To find this armor shop, jump down a small opening near an item shop in Gerudo Town. Destroy the boulders in your path and use Ascend to enter the shop from below.


Gerudo Secret Club sells Desert Voe Armor set for 1950 rupees. You can also purchase Snow Boots for 1300 rupees and Sand Boots for 1200 rupees from this secret shop.

Beedle’s Shop

Beedle is back in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and you can find him at all 12 stables across Hyrule with his mobile shop. Beedle sells different items at various locations but some important items that he sells at almost every location are Arrows (5 rupees each), Hylian Rice (12 rupees each), Tireless Frog (100 rupees each), Fireproof Lizard (25 rupees each).

Enchanted Armor Shop

Enchanted Armor shop in Kakariko village is run by Claree and it sells two major armor sets. Stealth Armor set for 15000 rupees and Radiant Armor set for also 15000 rupees. Collect one piece of Milk, Hylian rice, Hyrule Herb and Sundelion each. Go to the cooking pot location in Kakariko village and cook Sunny Veggie Porridge.

Hand it over to Lasli who is sitting right next to the pot. This will make Claree reduce the prices of Stealth Armor set to 1800 rupees and Radiant Armor set to 2400 rupees respectively.

Bargainer Statues

Bargainer Statues can be found all over Hyrule and in Depths. Link can pray at these statues and offer Poes (collected from depths) to purchase two armor sets, Dark Armor set and Depths Armor set. Both armor sets cost 650 Poes each. Bargainer Statues also offer Bomb Flowers for 12 Poes each.

Koltin’s Mobile Shop

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom best merchants in Hyrule

Link first encounters Koltin behind Woodland Stables near a cave. Koltin runs a mobile shop and accepts Bubbul Gems as the only currency. He can be found later standing on a hill near Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Koltin only appears in this area at night.

He sells Mystic Armor set for a total of 45 Bubbul Gems. The actual price of the set is 12 Bubbul gems but you can’t buy things randomly from Koltin’s Shop.
He offers a unique item for each tier.

For 1 Bubbul Gem, he will give you Bokoblin Mask. After offering two more Bubbul Gems, Koltin will give Moblin Mask to Link (3 Bubbul Gems total). With a further offering of 2 more Bubbul Gems (5 in total), Koltin will give Link 3x Hinox Toenails.

His major offerings are Mystic Robe (8 Bubbul gems total), Lizalfos Mask (14 Bubbul gems in total), Mystic Trousers (21 Bubbul Gems in total), Horriblin Mask (29 Bubbul gems in total), Lynel Mask (37 Bubbul gems in total) and Mystic Headpiece (45 Bubbul Gems in total).

Lookout Landing Shop

The first shop Link comes across is the general store at Lookout Landing. This shop offers the very first armor of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hylian Armor set for 320 rupees.

This shop is run by Mubs and it also offers Apples (12 rupees each), Hylian Rice (12 rupees each), Arrows (20 rupees for 5) and Milk (12 rupees each).

The Great Fairy Fountains

While technically they are not proper merchant shops, The Great Fairy Fountains allow Link to upgrade his armor for certain materials and rupees. You can check our guide to find and unlock all 4 Great Fairy Fountains.

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