Starfield Runaway Walkthrough

You must find a way to help a Runaway daughter live her life in peace and away from her father in Starfield.

Runway is a short side mission in Starfield that tells the story of a broken relationship between father and daughter.

Rivkah, a miner in the Mining Colony of Cydonia, is seeking to mend the broken bonds between her and her father so she can earn her freedom in the galaxy.

Let’s look into how you can give Rivkah a chance to live her life on her own terms in Starfield.

How to unlock the Runaway mission

To unlock the Runaway side mission, you need to first complete the Red Tape Storyline of Red Tape Blues, Red Tape Runaround, and Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield.

After the Red Tape Reclamation, Trevor will direct you to Rivkah Ovadia who is going through a rough patch right now and could use your help.

How to complete Runaway in Starfield

Your first objective is to speak with Rivkah Ovadia in the mining colony of Cydonia on Mars. She will be mining some rocks downstairs, near where you met Trevor.


Rivkah will reveal that she is having health issues and requires medical attention. Listen to her tale and then choose the dialogues that suggest either money or a doctor. Then choose the dialogue to deal with her father, which will start the mission.

Rivkah is basically the runaway if you still have not figured it out. The reason she cannot go to the Reliant Medical Hospital is because of her father Natan who is an executive over there.

Natan was a terrible father by all accounts who she was lucky enough to escape from. Since then, Natan has been searching for Rivkah. If she goes to Reliant Medical Hospital, she is likely to get caught.

Hence, Rivkah wants you to find a way to scare Natan to leave her alone. If you agree, she will share the conference location he visits each year.

To make him talk to you, she tells you to bring his favourite whiskey as a peace offering to at least get the conversation started.

Get the Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey

To get Natan’s Whiskey, you need to talk to Jack at Broken Spears. Head upstairs and near plastic blinds at the entrance, Broken Spear will be on your left with Jack behind the bar.

Ask him for the Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey and he shares that it is so expensive that only Governor Hurst was able to purchase it from him.

You can either pay him 15,000 Credits for the bottle, persuade him to lower the price, or steal the Whiskey for yourself.

If you choose to persuade Jack in Runway mission in Starfield, you will need to complete the 8-bar persuasion check. For successful completion, choose the +4 orange option and then go with the green ones to end it.

Jack will then ask you only for the original price he paid for the Whiskey bottle, dropping the price down from 15,000 Credits to 600 as a favor for Rivkah.

Steal the whiskey bottle from the Governer (optional)

To get to the Governer’s office, just hug the right wall from Cydonia’s entrance till you reach the Trade Authority Outpost. Enter through the door right next to the Outpost and you will find his office in the very back.

If you exposed the Governer in Red Tape Runaround quest, you will have Woodard in the office instead. The choice will have no effect on the surroundings meaning you can proceed with the quest normally.

The Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey bottle will be on the shelf across the Governer’s table. Stealing it outright will trigger the alarm while a bounty will be placed on your head. To avoid this, just wait for a while till he leaves and then snatch it for yourself.

Another fun way that Starfield players have discovered is to get up on the shelf so that the bottle drops onto the floor. Use any object like a plushie or simply kick it by yourself, if you have the patience.

Remember to hold what ever key you use to take items to grab it instead and then use it to push the bottle. If you grab the bottle this way, it will count as stealing so use any books or items laying around.

Lead the bottle to the next room behind a barrier or into the lift then grab it once it is out of everyone’s sight.

It is an alternative way to obtain the Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey without any payment during Runaway mission in Starfield.

Get Natan's favorite whiskey bottle in Starfield.

Visit Natan in Volii Hotel

With the whiskey in hand, head back to your ship and make the grav jump to Neon City at Alpha Volii in the Volii Star System. You will find the Volii Hotel right off the Spaceport Terminal, next to Reliant Medical.

Talk to Minerva Clement behind the desk and tell her you are here to bring Natan a gift from his daughter. She will direct you to his room on the third floor and let him know of your visit.

Head up using the elevator and talk to Natan about Rivkah.

Should you kill, persuade, or talk to Natan?

There are several ways to make Natan see reason. You can either attack him to get it over quickly, talk to him, or persuade him to leave Rivkah alone. Your choices will determine Rivkah’s response or well-being so choose carefully.

Talk to Natan

Talking to Natan is pointless as he refuses to see reason in his anger so whatever option you take will lead to him wanting to know about his daughter.

He will inquire about Rivkah’s location and if you tell him her coordinates then she will be gone before you can go back.

If you dont share her location and don’t kill him then you will be arrested when you return to the lobby.

Persuade Natan

If you choose to persuade Natan during the Runaway mission in Starfield then you will need to pass the 8-bar persuasion check here as well.

He will be frustrated with the condition but if you give him the whiskey, it will be a critical success meaning an instant clear.

He will drop all charges and stop hunting her down, making an effort to seek her out for conversation.

Attack Natan

If you fail the Persuasion check or simply want to avenge Rivkah’s suffering, then Natan will pull out his gun to fight you. After you kill him, return to the main lobby of the hotel to make the grav jump.

Head back to Rivkah

After dealing with Natan in your own way, you need to talk to Rivkah and inform her about the outcome. If you revealed her location, then you will be speaking with Trevor instead.

If you killed Natan then Rivkah will share her confusion about whether to feel relieved about her freedom or mourn his father’s death. Regardless, she will reward you with your efforts and leave.

If you persuaded Natan, Rivkah will be happy about the charges being dropped and having a chance to mend the broken relationship with her father. She believes her rewards will never mount to what you have done for her.

Starfield Runaway mission bugs and fixes

There is a bug where Natan’s room in Volii Hotel is inaccessible for some players making them unable to complete the quest.

The cause and source of this bug is unknown but the Starfield players have found a solution that may work for you.

Before heading up talk to Minevra a little bit before asking her to visit Natlan. An updated notification for talk to Natan will be added indicating it has updated and the door will be accessible now.

Starfield – Runaway mission rewards

By completing Runaway side mission, you will be rewarded 1300 Credits and 100 XP in Starfield.

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