Starfield Psyched Walkthrough

Get ready to meet Cydonia's psychologist in Starfield and help her take evaluations of employees in Psyched.

Cydonia apparently has a residential psychologist for its mining operations in Starfield. Psyched will ask you to meet with the psychologist and help her out.

This is a short and easy side mission to complete for extra credits. You only need to find some people and ask them to fill out a psych evaluation form. These will help the psychologist make better decisions for the Deimos company employees.

How to unlock the Psyched mission

Psyched can be unlocked by completing the entire Red Tape mission series in Starfield. This starts from Red Tape Blues and ends at Red Tape Reclamation.

Speak with Trevor Petyarre after finishing the Red Rape series and you will get a prompt to speak with the Deimos Psychologist. Her name is Gilly Seong and speaking with her is how you start the Psyched mission.

How to complete Psyched in Starfield

Gilly Seong can be found by just following your quest marker. Her office is in the Central Hub of Cydonia on Mars. It is important to note here that she will only be available during the day or her office hours. You will not find her in her office if you go there at night.

Speak with Gilly and ask if she needs any help. It turns out she does.


Get psychological assessment questionnaires

She will ask you to take three psychological assessment questionnaires and take them to three of the employees of Deimos and ask each of them to fill it.

She will hand over the names of these employees who are Andres Jensen, Samund Berg-Ramirez, and Leona Hawkes. You need to follow the blue marker which will lead you to them.

She will add that once all of these three employees fill out the forms, you need to bring them back to her so she can assess each of them. You can say to these employees that you are helping Gilly.

Find three employees

Leona is located in the same room and is just behind Gilly. Make your way around the office and find Leona on her computer in one of the cubicles.

Next, you need to follow the blue marker again which will lead you to the lower level of the building where you can find both of the other employees: Andres and Samund.

Once you reach there, you will see that both of these employees are busy in mining as you can see above in the image. You need to ask one by one both the employees to fill out the psychological assessment questionnaire.

Once they both fill out the form, you can take the questionnaires back to Gilly on the main level by going upstairs.

Return to Gilly

Once you talk to Gilly, she will say thanks for the efforts you have made to save her time and will give you some credits as a reward and the side mission of Psyched comes to an end.

Starfield – Psyched mission rewards

On your successful completion of the Psyched side mission in Starfield, you will be able to get the rewards of 2500 Credits and 75 EXP.

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