Starfield Start-Up Stopped Walkthrough

Get ready for another hostage rescue mission in Starfield where you must negotiate for Erick's release in Start-up Stopped.

Start-up Stopped is a short miscellaneous mission from a short business owner who lost her ship in Starfield.

Despite being a side quest, it involves a hostage situation where you will have to use your Background as a Diplomat or put those Bounty Hunter combat skills to good use.

Let’s look into how you will be able to resolve the situation with the best possible outcome and bring the ship, goods, and the Captain back to Jane’s safely.

How to unlock the Start-up Stopped mission

To unlock Start-Up Stopped in Starfield you need to speak with Jane Weller at Cydonia-Residential on Mars in Sol System. She is among the small business owners in Cydonia and you will find her in her shop, Jane’s Goods.

Once you finish talking to her, your Mission HUD will be automatically updated with Start-up Stopped under the MISC Tab.

How to complete Start-up Stopped in Starfield

To complete the Start-up Stopped side mission in Starfield, you will start your journey in the Mining Colony of Cydonia on Mars in the Sol Star System.

From the plastic blinds at the entrance, head down the ramp and use the orange door on the right, opposite to Trade Authority Outpost, to enter the Cydonia-Residential.

The stairs will lead you to the Community Center hall, take a left and you will find Jane’s Goods on the left of the doorway.

Talk to Jane Weller behind the bar and ask if she requires assistance. She shares that her ship, Berry Mule, and captain have disappeared, and having not heard back in a long time, she worries for their safety.

You are tasked with searching the last known location of Berry Mule to understand and hopefully resolve the matter before things take a turn for the worse.

Find Berry Mule

Get back to your ship and set a course to Trion, a moon of Neptune in the Sol System. You will find the Berry Mule orbiting the moon, hail to it but you will not have the permission to dock just yet.

Instead, you will receive a transmission from Captain Gustavo Valencia from Ecliptic who has hijacked the Mule and held Erick hostage.

When you inform him that you would like the ship returned, he will allow you to dock so you can speak with him under the protection of his crew.

Gustavo will be waiting at the entrance with a gun and you will have a choice to resolve matters peacefully or kill the mercenaries to get the ship back.

Both of the options have no impact on the outcome or the rewards of the quest so you can go with what works best for you.

Should you kill or persuade Captain Gustavo?

If you choose the peaceful route with Gustavo during the Start-up Stopped mission in Starfield then you will learn that they have been hired to bring a ship matching the description of the Mule back.

It may be due to a misunderstanding where Jane must have bought an already stolen ship. To get the ship off Gustavo’s hands you will need to persuade him to lie to his employer about the ship’s whereabouts.

To pass the 6-bar persuasion check, start by selecting the [persuade] prompt. Then go with the +2 green, and +3 orange options before ending with +1 green. He will agree to tell his employer that the ship was destroyed and save his crew the trouble.  

Deal with Captain Gustavo aboard the Berry Mule in Starfield.

If you want to fight Gustavo during the Start-up Stopped mission then either fail the persuasion check or choose the dialogue with [Attack] prompt in Starfield.

There are about 5 to 6 enemies and since you will engage in close-ranged combat, having a shotgun will prove fruitful.

Escort Erick back to Jane

After you have taken care of the crew using your preferred method, free Erick and he will take the responsibility for bringing back the ship to Jane.

Report back to Jane and relay the details to her. She will be happy that Erick and the ship were safe, completing the Start-up Stopped side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Start-up Stopped mission rewards

After finishing the Start-up Stopped miscellaneous mission, you can collect 100 XP and 5500 Credits from Jane as a reward in Starfield.

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