Starfield Heart Of Mars Walkthrough

The Heart of Mars is a special (and highly valuable) titanium rock that you need to cut out for Laylah in Starfield.

Heart of Mars is a side quest where you’re required to work as a miner to attain a small titanium rock that is worth 28,000 Credits for 10 minutes of work in Starfield.

This guide includes all the information on how and where you can get the precious stone known as the Heart of Mars.

How to unlock the Heart of Mars mission

You need to find and speak with Laylah Pulaski to unlock the Heart of Mars side mission in Starfield. She can be found in the Central Hub of Cydonia, inside the mining area. 

When you reach Cydonia, head down the stairs where the miners are working. If you have started or completed the Red Tape Blues mission, Laylah will be in the exact same spot where you met Trevor.

How to complete Heart of Mars in Starfield

Speak with Laylah and choose the Heart of Mars dialogue when prompted. This will let you learn more about the stone.

When the conversation ends, head back to your ship and fast-travel to the cave Laylah mentioned. If the quest isn’t showing on your Starmap, open your mission logs and select the Heart of Mars side quest.


However, before heading out to the cave, make sure that you have a Cutter in your inventory. This is a mining tool that allows you to cut rocks with a laser. You are going to need it to cut out the Heart of Mars in Starfield.

You can purchase a Cutter from Denis Averin in Cydonia. He runs a general store that will sell you a Cutter. You can also use this opportunity to pick up the Freight Fright and Refurbished Goods side missions from Denis as well.

Extract the Heart of Mars

The cave that Laylah mentioned is going to be very easy to find. You just need to fast-travel to your quest marker. Furthermore, the Heart of Mars is a few feet inside the cave.

Enter the cave and spot a small titanium rock on the ground. Take out your cutter and start using it on the rock to add the Heart of Mars to your inventory.

Starfield – Heart of Mars mission rewards

It is now time to get paid for your efforts. Return to Laylah and give her the Heart of Mars to receive 28,00 credits in return.

Suffice to say, Heart of Mars is one of the best side missions to complete early on for quick credits.

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