Starfield Refurbished Goods Walkthrough

Refurbished Goods is another short side mission you can get on Cydonia for some quick credits in Starfield.

If you’re familiar with the vendor in the UC Exchange shop of Cydonia named Denis, the same guy who gave you the Freight Fright side quest. If yes, he has another quest for you known as Refurbished Goods in Starfield.

Denis wants you to retrieve a few items for him through illegitimate means by neutralizing a few enemies inside a station.

How to unlock the Refurbished Goods mission

You need to first complete the Freight Fright side mission. Then head to the planet Cydonia and speak with Denis in the UC Exchange shop to unlock Refurbished Goods in Starfield.

How to complete Refurbished Goods in Starfield

Denis will ask you to retrieve 5x Regulator Pistols from military crates located in the Deserted Relay Station in Kumasi I-A.

Kumasi I-A is the moon of Kumasi I and can be found in the Kumasi System. Follow your quest marker to guide you to the relay station and obtain the requested items.

Enter the Relay Station

To enter the Relay Station, you’ll be required to kill all the enemies around the building and flip the switch near the entrance of the station to get inside.


The station will be filled with high-level enemies lurking around. Kill them all, and locate the military crates.

Military crates can be found in a bunch of different locations inside the station but for us, it was near the restroom by the stairs. Loot it and prepare to return to Denis to be paid.

Return to Denis

Get back to Denis on Cydonia to complete Refurbished Goods in Starfield. Give him the items you looted from the Relay Station and get a bunch of credits from him in return.

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