Starfield Space Frog From Outer Space Walkthrough

Want to place adorable Space Frog posters in your outposts? You then need to complete Space Frog from Outer Space in Starfield.

No, you are not going to encounter an actual “Space Frog from Outer Space” in Starfield.

What you are going to do is put up adorable posters of a Space Frog at the request of a young kid. Do it to put a smile on her face.

How to unlock the Space Frog from Outer Space mission

You need to find and speak with a kid named Renee Shelby to unlock the “Space Frog from Outer Space” mission in Starfield.

Head to the city of Cydonia on Mars and make your way into the mining facility. Head straight through past the miners and take a left from the stairs at the end. You are going to then come to a door that links the Luxe Condominiums.

Enter and take the stairs down to come across Renee Shelby will be sitting on the floor. Speak with her and choose the dialogue: “There can’t be much for kids to do around here.”

That will trigger the “Space Frog from Outer Space” quest. Take the space frog posters and accept her request to distribute them around Cydonia.


How to complete Space Frog from Outer Space in Starfield

There are a total of six locations in Cydonia where you can put up Renee’s Space Frog posters in Starfield. These spots are actually pretty easy to miss and you can waltz right past them without even noticing.

While your blue quest maker can lead you to each location, we are going to guide you below nonetheless.

Also, you can complete the Space Frog from Outer Space mission in any order you wish in Starfield.

Poster location 1

The first location is right next to where you are standing right now with Renee. Head into the next room and take a right to the Community Center. Look to your right to spot the Space Frog poster spot on the wall.

The first wall location where you can put up the Space Frog poster in Starfield.

Poster location 2

The second spot is close by as well. Turn towards the hall inside the community center and look for a staircase on your right. The spot can be found after the first set of stairs.

Poster location 3

Follow the staircase till it leads you to a yellow door. Enter through the door and take a right where you’ll find the third spot for the poster.

Another wall location for another Space Frog poster in Starfield.

Poster location 4

Face your back toward the third poster and enter the room with the TV screen in front of you. Then take a left into the smaller room and check the walls as shown in the image below.

Poster location 5

Exit the room and walk past the yellow door you exited through after putting in the second poster. Look towards your right, your quest marker will be pointed at the wall where you’re supposed to stick the poster.

Poster location 6

The last location is in P2. Take the elevator located next to the nearby stairs. The last spot will be on the wall right next to the elevator you just exited through.

Head into P2 and find the spot on the wall to put up the last Space Frog poster in Starfield.

Your quest marker will be there to help you find the six locations. It doesn’t matter what order you choose, just complete the objectives and return back to Renee.

Starfield – Space Frog from Outer Space mission rewards

Renee will reward you with 12 credits for completing the mission. That does not sound much, but she will also add a Space Frog poster decoration item to your inventory.

Now you can place a cute Space Frog poster of your own at any of your outposts. That certainly makes up for the low amount of credits.

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