How To Get To Cydonia In Starfield

Cydonia is a city located on Mars in Starfield. It is known as one of the central locations for mining in the game.

Starfield offers a lively galaxy to explore where the possibilities are endless. There are many solar systems to traverse with each one hiding something new. Cydonia is one such place and is the central hub for mining in Starfield. Mining operations on the planet led to the discovery of Iron which this planet specializes in.

You will visit this city with Sarah to investigate some info on the Broken Spear bar early on in the game. Cydonia is a city rich in minerals. You will need to frequently visit this city in order to mine and rebuild your inventory.

However, you can also explore various other aspects of this city that often go unnoticed. You can find plenty of shops on Cydonia in Starfield where you can buy a host of different products. 

Cydonia Location in Starfield

Cydonia is a city located on the planet Mars. You can find this planet in the Sol system on the 4th number. The Sol system is located next to Procyons A and B. It is west of Barnard’s Star and northwest of Alpha Centauri, known for the Lodge and New Atlantis in Starfield

How to get to Cydonia in Starfield 

When you arrive at Mars, chances are you will not be able to see Cydonia right away in Starfield. The city is right there, but you will have to find it first. First, fast travel to the Sol system if you are not already there. Then select Mars, and if you cannot see it, rotate the planet by holding the Left Click button on your mouse.

Confirm your choice when you spot the Cydonia Landing Pad and viola! You will have landed in the city of minerals.  

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