Starfield Freight Fright Walkthrough

Help Denis Avern track down his delayed shipment in Freight Fright, a side mission you can pick up on Mars in Starfield.

Freight Fright is a miscellaneous side mission in Starfield that you can play by heading to the Central Hub in Cydonia. The quest is fairly easy and requires you to help a vendor find out why his cargo is delayed.

How to unlock the Freight Fright mission

You need to speak with Denis Avern in Cydonia to unlock the Freight Fright mission in Starfield. Cydonia is located on Mars and Denis Avern is a vendor who is basically the equivalent of the Jemison Mercantile shop in New Atlantis.

How to complete Freight Fright in Starfield

When you speak with Denis, choose the dialogue: “It must be exhausting managing this entire shop by yourself”.

Denis will start telling you about all the problems he’s facing managing the shop ultimately asking you to track down why his shipment was delayed.

This will start the Freight Fright side mission in Starfield. You now need to open your Starmap and head over to a place, strangely called… the Ship.

Once you reach the Ship, you’ll soon discover that the shipment was delayed due to the Heat Leeches who’ve killed all the crew members and taken control of the ship.


Charge up your weapons and kill those Leeches. Don’t worry, the Heat Leeches will be very easy to get rid of and there’ll be about 3 leeches per room.

Get rid of the leeches and locate the white cargo containers Also do be careful as a Heat Leech may surprise you when you go and inspect the cargo.

Return to Denis

Once the Leeches are dealt with and you’ve inspected the cargo, report back to Denis where he’ll show his gratitude and provide you with another job known as Refurbished Goods in Starfield.

Starfield – Freight Fright mission rewards

  • 1000 Credits
  • 100 XP

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