Starfield Red Tape Reclamation Walkthrough

Remember Hank from the previous Trevor missions? You have to either kill or spare him in Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield.

In Red Tape Reclamation, the Mining Association has finally placed an order for new equipment in Starfield.

You will be asked by Trevor for one last assignment to check up on the underling that was sent to bring back the equipment.

Let’s look into how Red Tap Reclamation, a small mission, leads you to the fate of deciding the choice of Trevor’s team in Starfield.

How to unlock the Red Tape Reclamation mission

To unlock Red Tape Reclamation, you need to complete Red Tape Runaround first in Starfield. Simply find Trevor Petyarre in the mines of Mars and talk to him to obtain the quest.

After your agreement, the Mission HUD will automatically be updated and add the Red Tape Reclamation under the MISC tab.

How to complete Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield

To complete Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield, first, go down to the Mining Colony of Cydonia at Mars in the Sol Star System.


Talk to Trevor Petyarre down the stairs of Main Level and inform him that you got his request approved and he shares he has already ordered the new mining equipment.

The thing is that Hank Ferraro was supposed to pick the shipment up but is running late as Gagarin is not that far away. He tasks you with checking up on the situation and gives you your first stop which is Cydonia Ship Services.

Head out of the Mining Colony and a Ship Services Tech personnel will be waiting right next to the entrance. He shares that Hank had made the trip but landed back to Mars further away from the landing port.

Report back to Trevor who has already conducted his own little investigation regarding Hank. He shares that Hank has been a little frustrated lately and directs you to Broken Spear to figure the matter out.

Find Hank Ferraro

To find Hank Ferraro, head back up the stairs, and near the plastic blinds of the entrance, you will find the Broken Spear bar on your right. He will be sitting at the bar, dreading his life in Cydonia.

Ask him about the equipment which he avoids at first but later admints. He comes clean that his fellow miners don’t respect him and he is locked in a three-year contract at the mine. If they fail another project, they will all be laid off and he won’t be able to return his debt to Deimos.

Following Trevor’s instructions on prioritizing the equipment over Hannk, tell him that you won’t share the information with Security.

If it gets out, they will have him arrested so if he returns the equipment, he will be safe which he agrees to saying he is not an idiot.

Follow Hank out of the city where he talks about his “perfect plan” to earn some money and mocks Trevor for his trust.

Once you reach the ship, he pulls out a gun and threatens to kill you so he won’t have to face the consequences of his actions.

Should you kill or spare Hank?

Whatever choice you make here, you will not be able to change it later and lie to Trevor about the outcome. So make sure to know what happens with each choice before making a decision.

Kill Hank
You will be able to attack him directly and kill him on the spot if you choose the [Attack] dialogue. If you kill him you can take the cargo ship back to Trevor directly immediately.

Persuade and Spare Hank
The other option is to persuade him to drop the gun and take the passive route. To persuade him, first, choose the dialogue with the [Persuade] prompt and fill in the 8-bar Persuasion Check. Choose the +3 orange option twice and then select the 2 green options to pass the check successfully.

After you persuade him, he admits defeat and asks you for help. The choices lead to the same conclusion but if you choose to cover for him with the pirate story, he will be happy to get the goods back and have a name among his peers.

If you have any Lawful companions, like Sarah Morgan with you, they will dislike that you are willing to make a criminal into a hero.

Get in the ship with Hank and he will take you back to Henry, returning the equipment safely.

Report back to Trevor

After retrieving the equipment, report the incident to Trevor. If you previously managed to persuade Hank, you will have to go with the lie and share how Hank was a hero.

If you killed him, then Trevor will thank you for saving him the explanation for the suits. Regardless of your decision, the Red Tape Reclamation side mission will be completed in Starfield.

Starfield – Red Tape Reclamation mission rewards

Despite being a side mission, the rewards by Trevor are generous and pretty handy.

Successful completion of Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield will award you with 100 XP, 6200 Credits, Deimos Spacesuit, Deimos Cap, Deimos Helmet, Deimos Skip Pack, and if that wasn’t enough, an added 50 Iron as well.

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