How To Get The Aphelion In Remnant 2

The Aphelion is not your average weapon in Remnant 2. This long gun is able to do melt enemies in an arc by releasing the power of a star.

Aphelion is a rather tough weapon to get your hands on in Remnant 2. This secret long gun requires you to kill an alternative version of a world boss which is easier said than done.

Containing the powers of a dying sun, the Aphelion does intense fire damage to enemies in an arc and anyone that comes into contact with its flares.

If you are looking to hold the sun in your hands, here is how you can get the Aphelion in Remnant 2.

Getting Aphelion in Remnant 2

The Aphelion long gun can only be crafted in Remnant 2 by bringing the following crafting materials to McCabe in Ward 13:

  • Void Cinder x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x7
  • Scrap x650

This is not going to be easy. While you can always find enough Scrap and Lumenite Crystals through progression, getting your hands on the Void Cinder is going to require you to defeat Sha’Hala, a N’erud world boss, using an alternative kill method.

Something important to understand is that every world boss in Remnant 2 has an alternative kill path. This means that there is more than one way of killing a world boss for a different reward.


In the case of the Spectral Guardian Sha’Hala, you have to trigger its alt-kill method by using the Override Pin on the console just before the boss fight starts. Only then can you get the Void Cinder by defeating Sha’Hala.

The Override Pin location

You can find the Override Pin in the world of N’erud. If you are playing in Adventure mode, start from the Timeless Horizon checkpoint. You then need to find and enter a large unnamed tower in the area with two Dryzr statues at its entrance.

Make your way to its end and use the elevator to reach the top floor. When you get off the elevator, you need to use a secret path on your right. It will lead you to another elevator which is going to lead to another elevator.

Keep switching floors until you reach a hallway with the Override Pin on the ground.

What to do with the Override Pin in Remnant 2?

If you have the Override Pin in your inventory, it is time to face Sha’Hala in the Sentinel’s Keep.

When you reach the boss’ arena, you are going to see a console or terminal of sorts in front of you. You would normally activate the console from the left to start the boss fight. Do not do that.

Instead, use the Override Pin in the center of the console to spawn the alternate version of the Spectral Guardian. Take note that you need to do this on your first try. If you activate the console from the left, it will only spawn the normal version and you will not get a second chance after the boss fight. You will have to replay the world again.

When Sha’Hala is defeated with the Override Pin, you will get the Void Cinder. Take it back to McCabe in Ward 13 alongside the other crafting materials. She will craft you the Aphelion long gun in Remnant 2.

Is the Aphelion good in Remnant 2?

The Aphelion is easily one of the best-looking as well as one of the most powerful weapons in Remnant 2, at least when fully upgraded. This secret rifle comes with the Supernova weapon mod which creates a miniature planetary star to burn enemies to a crisp.

Furthermore, its basic attack is an arc beam that can trigger a massive explosion. You can catch groups of enemies in a single, explosive shot.

There is, however, one major downside you need to know. Due to the way the main campaign progresses in Remnant 2, you will be stuck with the Aphelion if you decide to unlock it in N’erud. That is unless you have access to the Adventure mode to reroll the world.

Also, if you are running this weapon in co-op, note that its AoE attacks can damage your teammates and allies.

It is recommended to run this weapon with the Archon archetype as your primary setup with the Medic as your secondary archetype. This is going to grant you an additional 25 percent damage and a 5 percent increase in critical chance.

In addition, the lower mod regeneration time of Archon makes this weapon a nuke fest against a horde of enemies.

The long gun comes standard with a 7-round mag with a maximum capacity of 49 rounds that can be changed by applying the extender mutator for a larger ammo capacity making it a much better choice

Best Aphelion Build in Remnant 2

To maximize the utility and strength of the Aphelion in Remnant 2, you can make use of the following build:

  • Archetype; Medic (Primary) Archon (Secondary)
  • Archetype Skills; Healing Shield and Regenerator (Medic)
  • Havoc Form and Reality Rune (Archon)
  • Long Gun; Aphelion (Supernova mod) (Harmonizer Mutator)
  • Handgun; MP60-R or Tech 22
  • Melee Weapon; Spectral Blade
  • Amulet; Ankh of Power
  • Rings; Shard Banded Ring and Probability Cord
  • Relic; Shielded Heart
  • Traits; Triage, Fitness, Vigor, Fortify

Remnant 2 Aphelion reduced damage bug

The Aphelion long gun was plagued with a bug that reduced its overall damage in Remnant 2. Make sure you are playing the game on the latest patch because that fixed the issue. The weapon now does a lot more damage than before.

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