What Are Alternative Boss Kills In Remnant 2?

Acquiring hidden items is not an easy task. It requires you to kill the boss in a specific method known as alternative kills in remnant 2.

When exploring the different worlds of Remnant 2, you will encounter several enemies. These enemies will include certain bosses that drop one of the rarest weapons to equip in Remnant 2. However, acquiring these items is not an easy task. It requires you to kill the boss in an alternative kill method.

As the name implies, you need to kill these bosses differently. But what is this way and how it works is the tricky part.

When you kill a boss using this alternative method, they will leave a pile of items you can’t otherwise acquire. The only way to get them is by using this alternate method. Alt kills have been a part of the series since Remnant: From the Ashes. So this concept is not anything new.

You must make certain choices before or during the boss fight in Remnant 2 to perform an alternative kill. Only a few bosses can be taken out using the alt-kill method. You can only kill world bosses that drop hidden items using this way. Below we have listed down the best Remnant 2 bosses that have an alternative kill:

Tal’Ratha Alt Kill

Tal’Ratha is an Astropath boss in Remnant 2. You will find this boss at the Forgotten Prison in N’erud. Make your way inside the prison to reach Tal’Ratha. Once you face him, you must make a choice. The first option is to be eaten by Tal’Ratha and be taken to the metaphysical realm. Otherwise, you can fight him in the physical realm.

You must fight him in the metaphysical realm and defeat him for the alt-kill method. He will have a whole new arsenal in this form, so be prepared. Tal’Ratha will drop the Acidic Jawbone crafting material once you kill him using this alt-kill method.


Ravager Alt Kill

The Ravager belongs to the race of Root in Remnant 2. You will find this boss at the Ravager’s Lair. As you start the fight, you can make a few choices, resulting in an alternative boss kill. Start by attacking the Ravager while leaving the doe unharmed.

You can shoot the Ravager as an alt kill and then get rid of the doe. This method will net you the Feral Judgement weapon. You can use this weapon to perform lethal melee attacks on your enemies.

Another method sees you attacking the Ravager while avoiding damage to the doe. Once the Ravager drops to half its health, you can allow him to eat the doe for a power boost. This is where you can kill it to receive the Merciless long gun.

Night Weaver Alt Kill

Night Weaver is a Fae in Remnant 2 you will encounter at The Tormented Asylum. Due to the lack of space in the area, this fight will be quite difficult to manage. You must use a Pulse Rifle to kill the boss for an alt kill.

As she calls her arachnids, you can kick start the second stage of the fight by exposing her heart and attacking it. This is her weak spot. Defeat her during the second stage, and you will get rewarded with the Night Weaver’s Finger for this alt kill in Remnant 2.

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