How To Unlock All Traits In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 offers players a special way of achieving bonuses and buffs in the form of passive abilities called Traits.

Remnant 2 offers players a special way of achieving bonuses and buffs in the form of passive abilities called Traits. Since these serve as passive, extra bonuses, they can be quite handy in general combat.

However, simple as it may seem, there is a lot that goes into Traits, which makes this mechanic important to learn if it’s meant to be used optimally.

Remnant 2 has a total of 295 Trait Points from which 90 will be available to you to choose from. Out of these 90 Trait Points, 10 will be taken up by each archetype equipped and added 5 by the Core Traits which cannot be reallocated.

The remaining 65 can be distributed freely and also reassigned using Orb of Undoing. This makes it difficult for you to level up all the traits so it’s better to focus on relevant to your build first.

Traits in Remnant 2 are divided into three major categories: Core Traits that are available by default, Archetype Traits that are class-specific, and unlockable traits that you can only get after completing certain activities.

Core Traits and their effects in Remnant 2

You automatically unlock all four Core Traits after choosing your first (starter) archetype in Remnant 2. These Traits are going to last you until the end of the game and serve as a foundation for your character builds.

Core TraitEffects
EnduranceIncreases Maximum Stamina
ExpertiseReduces the Cooldown of Skills 
SpritIncreases Mod Power Generation 
VigorIncreases Maximum HP

Archetype Traits and how to get them in Remnant 2

Every archetype you choose in Remnant 2 comes with its own exclusive Archetype Trait that is specifically tailored to your class’ playstyle. You can equip a maximum of two Archetype Traits after unlocking dual archetypes in the game.

Do note that you can upgrade each Archetype Trait to a maximum of level 10, after which you can use the Trait with other classes without needing their respective engram.

Archetype TraitEffectsHow To Get
Ammo ReservesIncreases overall Ammo Reserves Equip the Gunslinger
Flash CasterImproves your Casting Speed.Equip the Archon
FortifyIncreases your Armor Effectiveness Equip the Engineer
KinshipReduces the amount of Damage dealt and received by Friendly Fire Equip the Handler
LongshotIncreases your overall Weapon Ideal RangeEquip the Hunter
PotencyIncreases the duration of ConsumablesEquip the Alchemist
RegrowthIncreases your Health Regeneration (HP/s)Equip the Summoner
Strong BackReduces your overall EmbraceEquip the Challenger
SwiftnessIncreases your overall Movement SpeedEquip the Explorer
TriageIncreases the Healing Provided by Weapon ModsEquip the Medic
UntouchableIncreases your overall window of EvadeEquip the Invader

Unlockable Traits and how to get them in Remnant 2

TraitEffectsHow To Unlock
AmplitudeIncreases the size of your AoE attacksBeat a horde boss in the Labyrinth
Arcane StrikeIncreases the generation of Mod Power via Melee DamageClear out Harvester’s Reach of enemies
BarkskinReduces All incoming Damage Select the Doe’s Eye when the choice is given by Meidra in Yaesha
Blood BondReduces All incoming Damage Beat the Root Nexus at the Forbidden Grove
BloodstreamIncreases the Regeneration of your Grey Health Select the Ravager’s Eye when the choice is given by Meidra in Yaesha
FitnessIncreases the distance of your Evade Found in the Vault of the Formless (N’erud)
FootworkIncreases your Movement Speed whilst aiming Finish the Train event at Terminus Station (N’erud)
GluttonIncreases the speed of using the speed of Relics and Consumables Either be eaten or eat another co-op player/Dran whilst the Great Hall event (Losomn)
HandlingReduces the Recoil and Spread of your weapon Beat a horde boss on Root Earth
RecoveryIncreases your Stamina regeneration During the Brocwithe Quarter event (Losomn), return the lost Dran kid to the Oracle
ResonanceIncreases the size of your Aura by half Being killed by The Purge in Dormant N’Erudian Facility. The player killed by the Purge will receive the trait.
RevivalistIncreases the overall Reviving speed by half Revive co-op partners (10x)
RuggedIncreases your Summons’ health Beat the horde boss at the Forgotten Field and free the prisoner
ScholarIncreases the Experience you gain  Beat Annihilation on the Root Earth
ShadeskinIncreases your overall resistance to damage taken from Elemental Status effects During the Butcher’s Quarter, save the hanged man from being burnt
SiphonerIncreases Lifesteal  Found in the Dormant N’Erudian Facility
WayfarerIncreases your Traversal Movement Beat a horde boss on Root Earth

How to upgrade traits in Remnant 2

Remember how you needed to spend trait points in the previous installment, Remnant: From the Ashes, to improve your traits? While Remnant 2 brings back trait points, they are used for something else.

So how to upgrade your traits in Remnant 2? They upgrade automatically every time its archetype levels up. Do note that you can only upgrade traits to a maximum of 10 levels.

When you do cap out at level 10, that trait becomes available for use with other archetypes. Here is where your trait points come into play. You can use them to equip traits that are otherwise incompatible with your archetype build.

You can acquire Trait Points either by defeating bosses, defeating Aberrations, or finding a couple of books on the ground.

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