How To Farm Scrap In Remnant 2

If you want to thrive in Remnant 2, then you need to farm scrap, the currency in the game. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

Scarps are the in-game currency in Remnant 2. They are used to buy items, used in upgrading equipment, and more. Needless to say, you’ll be needing Scrap in high quantities. There are several ways through which you can farm scrap in the game. And you need to know where to get them.

To aid you in this regard, we’ll be telling you all about how and where to farm Scrap in the game.

Best ways to farm scrap in Remnant 2

Scarp is one of the most useful materials in Remnant 2 that is used as a currency. There are different ways to farm scrap that can help you progress through the game more smoothly. Below we have given the best ways you can farm scrap in Remnant 2:

Sell spare items in your inventory

Remnant 2 offers you a healthy amount of loot while exploring its post-apocalyptic world. Usually, when you start filling your inventory with loot, you’ll have certain items that don’t see much use. As such, they’ll just sit there in your inventory and eat up space.

You can sell these items and get a good amount of scrap in exchange. Therefore, make sure to take a look at your inventory regularly to find items that you don’t need. You can sell them later on and get a decent amount of scrap in return.

Looting the environment

When playing Remnant 2, make sure that you check different things that can be destroyed. These items can be like a piece of a vase or an old wooden barrel that you can break. You’ll have to keep an eye out for them and these can give you some scrap.


Also, be alert when you catch a glowing object found inside a corpse. These are consumables that net you a decent amount of scrap as well. Additionally, keep a lookout for an item known as a “Scavenger’s Bauble”. This item automatically increases the scrap pickup by 50% and also automatically picks up any crafting materials nearby.

This item is insanely useful for looting the environment. However, locating this item is difficult because it spawns randomly each time you load in-game.

Take down bosses

One of the best ways to farm large quantities of scrap in Remnant 2 is to defeat bosses. In the main quest, once you take down a boss, you’re done with it. You won’t face it again and move on. However, with the adventure mode, you can re-roll worlds and defeat bosses again and again.

You can save your game and repeatedly defeat the same boss over and over again to get tons of scrap in return. However, you need to be good enough at the game to defeat the boss in the least amount of time possible. So you can farm scrap quickly using this method.

Looting Chests

Looting chests are one of the easiest ways to get scrap in Remnant 2. Chests are home to several upgrade materials that help you upgrade your weapon and gear. Usually, you’ll spot chests in hidden locations, or while randomly roaming the world, or after defeating a load of enemies.

Due to the re-rolling mechanic of the game, you can always re-roll regions. Doing this also resets chests and the loot inside them. You can keep re-rolling the worlds and looting chests in order to farm scrap repeatedly.

Killing Enemies

Remnant 2 often throws hordes and hordes of enemies at you to defeat. You’ll be tempted to avoid them but defeating them is an excellent way to farm scrap. There are a few areas with the highest concentration of these mobs.

For example, the Corrupted Harbor in the Root Earth area is known to have a lot of enemies. There are also others in the game so it’s good to identify them and use those areas for farming scrap.

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