Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace Guide

Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, find loot, and defeat the boss at the end.

Kamoshida Palace in Persona 5 is a world within the Palace created by Suguru Kamoshida. You’ll come across multiple enemies and bosses in the Palace. Apart from that, you’ll also get Pixie as a Persona and the third eye. Our Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace Guide will walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, find loot, and defeat the boss at the end.

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Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace walkthrough

In our P5 Kamoshida Palace Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completely clearing out the Kamoshida Palace, defeat enemies, and eliminating the boss at the end.

Kamoshida Palace – 4/11

Observe everything in the prison cell and fight Jack O Lantern. Once done, head to the southeast edge of the map and head up the stairs to find Morgana down the hall – inside a cell. After the battle, access the safe room.

Kamoshida Palace – 4/12

After watching the cutscene at the banquet hall, head up the stairs to receive a few items from Ryuji. Now head down the hall and inside the door on the right-hand side. From inside, proceed through the only door and look into all the cells.

After the impossible battle, complete a doable battle and return to the world.



After infiltrating the palace, head up into a small room and fight Pixie to get her as a Persona. After the battle, head inside the left room to trigger an event or head up into the safe room. After triggering the event, use Jack O Lantern or Agi to win the battle.


After receiving the third eye and the ability to fuse Personas, you will be told to fuse both Arsene and Pixie to create Agathion. If you want to save your newfound personas, save them in the Velvet Room registry so you can get them back after the fusion.

In the palace, head into the safe room and head up the spiral staircase. Head inside the room represented by rectangles and use the third eye to pull two blue levers. You must set both levers in the correct position to get the map.

Proceed through the corridor and head inside a large room. Once inside, use the third eye to climb the bookshelf and use the chandelier to get to the other side of the room. You may or may not find enemies for fighting off on the chandelier; it depends on your luck but stays vigilant.

After dropping down, find the safe room and proceed ahead!

Head towards the northeast edge of the area and use your third eye to find a duct inside the room.

After a couple of tutorials, where you learn how to tell how strong a shadow is, access the next area to open a previously inaccessible door and unlock a shortcut. Once done, head up the spiral staircase to find a safe room.

The next thing that you need to do is to enter the room directly opposite the safe room. Inside this room, use your third eye to find a book and head down to the second area.

Use your third eye again to find another book. Head further down and find another bookshelf. After getting all the books, head inside the south room with a large globe and place the books in the correct positions.

Next, you enter Kamoshida’s shrine to his victim Shiho Suzui. Head inside the secret area containing a medal and the map to the next area. Leave the area and continue right to come to a blocked staircase.

Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace

Now is the time to use the medal and access the next area. Head down into the safe room and then enter the large hall.

Persona 5 Kamoshida Palace

In this hall, you face a miniboss in Kamoshida Palace, the Heavenly Punisher. Make sure to use Block against the charged attacks and defeat the boss to spawn four shadows. The miniboss has no weaknesses and is resistant to only Fire, Electric, and Ice attacks, so avoid using them.

Defeating the boss and the four shadows that appear afterward get you the Obariyon, Jack-o-Lantern, and Kelpie Personas.

After destroying the shadows, head to the top-right of the area and find a climbing spot using your third eye. To climb, you need to move two boxes in position, and climb them to get to the floor above. Continue up and head towards the left-hand side of the area to access the next area and unlock another shortcut.

Proceed towards the large door on the northwest side after dealing with the shadows and use your third eye to find a climbing spot. Continue to climb to reach the next area.

After a little while, you’ll find yourself in a circular room. Head to the bottom-right side to pull a lever, fight two Succubi, and unlock a shortcut to the safe room.

Once back in the circular room, head up the stairs in the top-right area and continue heading up after arriving in the next area.

After arriving in the area with swinging scythes, observe the Kamoshida statue head to learn what to do next! Find and defeat the shadows with the yellowish glow to find the key items and head to the Kamoshida statue head.

Placing the eyes should cause the swinging scythes to stop and allow you to proceed further. In the next room, observe the black box to start a boss battle. During the fight, use Sleeping spells and protect Ann before taking the stairs.

After defeating the boss and arriving at the top, use the safe room on the right-hand side and head to the main door. Use the third eye again to find a climbing spot on the girl’s statue and head inside the large room with Kamoshida’s treasure on the backside.

After viewing the cutscene, use the safe room and prepare to fight Kamoshida in P5.

How to defeat Kamoshida in Persona 5

Head inside the main door to start the battle. Your first step needs to be destroying the chalice but make sure to preserve as much SP as possible! Another thing that you need to bear in mind is to avoid him while he’s enraged.

After you manage to break the chalice, be prepared to face another high-damage attack. You should be able to see the attack coming by noticing the minions gathering.

Personally, I think the best way of defeating Kamoshida is to knock his crown which will cause him to take more damage than usual.

This strategy, however, requires you to keep the boss busy and send Ryuji to do the job.

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