Persona 5 Heavenly Punisher Weaknesses, How To Defeat

When you start playing Person 5, you will face many bosses at the start. But Persona 5 Royal Heavenly Punisher/Archangel arcana is the...

When you start playing Person 5, you will face many bosses at the start. But Persona 5 Royal Heavenly Punisher/Archangel arcana is the hardest. He will encounter you when you enter Shibuya Jail. Persona 5 Heavenly Punisher is pretty powerful with powerful physical attacks. However, defeating him will not take long if you can escape from his attacks and take advantage of his weaknesses.

Heavenly Punisher weaknesses

In Heavenly Punisher/Archangel in P5R is weak to curse and electric skills. Take advantage of this weakness and mainly use these skills. Ryuji and Joker are strong in electric and curse skills, so using them against Heavenly Punisher is a wise decision.

Persona 5 Heavenly Punisher negotiation answers

Persona 5 allows you to get an edge over your foes through the negotiation mechanic. This can be done by getting the power of the demons. However, getting their power is not easy as it sounds. You need to answer demons’ questions correctly to get their powers.

The questions that appear are random and there are too many of them to list based on the personality of the Heavenly Punisher. Below are some of the questions of the Heavenly Punisher in Persona 5 and their respective correct answers. For the rest, you can check out this page that highlights every negotiation answer in P5R.

Q: Me not understand in what way you superior to me…

A: I’m better at small talk.

Q: You go back to your mother’ arms. You need take nap now.

A: Mom will wait till I’m done.

Q: It’s no fun going home when only my annoying mom and dad are there.

A: Parents are annoying.

Q: Hell, I got all sorta girls lined up if you’re into that.

A: You’re trying way too hard.

Q: …Who the blazes do you think you are?

A: I’m ME!

Q: …You know what I’m getting’ at, right? You think you could let me go see my girl?

A: Nope.

Q: Why’re you so desperate?

A: I’m not desperate.

Q: That’s whack, man. Maybe you should get your head checked out.

A: I’m fine as is.

Persona 5 Heavenly Punisher Fusion

In Persona 5 Royal, you can only get the Heavenly Punisher persona through Fusion. Other than that, to tackle this boss early on, you can use Fusion. Fusion enables you to gain a significant advantage over your enemies. Fusion is all about combining two personas and getting a more robust result. Although they will cost you money, it is worth it if the opponent is more potent than you.

Below are some of the persona combinations that can allow you to get your hands on the Archangel persona. You can check the complete list of possibilities through the Persona 5 Royal Fusion calculator.

1¥13,654Angel (12 / Justice)Regent (10 / Emperor) 
2¥16,003Inugami (14 / Hanged Man)Kodama (11 / Star)
3¥16,219Queen’s Necklace (15 / Empress)Regent (10 / Emperor)
4¥17,182Eligor (16 / Emperor)Andras (10 / Devil)
5¥18,622High Pixie (16 / Fool)Onmoraki (12 / Moon)
6¥19,171Suzaku (19 / Sun)Obariyon (8 / Fool)
7¥20,350Nue (20 / Moon)Obariyon (8 / Fool)
8¥22,267Yaksini (20 / Empress)Jack Frost (11 / Magician)
9¥23,023Sui-Ki (24 / Moon)Arsène (1 / Fool)
10¥26,182Lamia (26 / Empress)Jack-o’-Lantern (2 / Magician)
11¥26,182Clotho (26 / Fortune)Jack-o’-Lantern (2 / Magician)
12¥30,808Black Ooze (29 / Moon)Arsène (1 / Fool)
13¥36,055Principality (29 / Justice)Angel (12 / Justice)
14¥37,774Orlov (30 / Strength) ⚠Angel (12 / Justice)
15¥38,620Principality (29 / Justice)Queen’s Necklace (15 / Empress) 
16¥43,975Principality (29 / Justice)Stone of Scone (20 / Fortune) 
17¥47,179Emperor’s Amulet (35 / Hanged Man) Angel (12 / Justice)
18¥60,247Power (41 / Justice)Angel (12 / Justice)
19¥78,895Hope Diamond (40 / Death) Principality (29 / Justice)
20¥81,208Power (41 / Justice)Principality (29 / Justice)
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