Persona 5 Royal Shadow Kamoshida Boss Fight, How To Defeat

The first palace you enter and complete in Persona 5 Royal is the Kamoshida palace, and the palace's boss is Kamoshida...

The first palace you enter and complete in Persona 5 Royal is the Kamoshida palace, and the palace’s boss is Kamoshida. You face Shadow Kamoshida on your second day at Kamoshida Palace. Being the first boss of Persona 5 Royal, you might have trouble defeating the boss, especially when you don’t know what to expect from this boss.

This guide will help you learn all the details about Persona 5 Shadow Kamoshida so you can defeat it easily.

Shadow Kamoshida weaknesses and resistance

In general, being P5 Royal’s first boss, Shadow Kamoshida has no specific resistance to any attack type, and he is not particularly weak to any attack type. All your attacks deal average damage; no attack or element is better than the other for attacking Shadow Kamoshida.

All your debuffs and status ailments can be inflicted on Shadow Kamoshida, allowing you to use your entire arsenal against Shadow Kamoshida freely.

In Persona 5 Royal Shadow Kamoshida has a significant health bar, so the fight will stretch out no matter what.

Shadow Kamoshida is a level 11 boss in Persona 5. You should be at least level 11 for fighting Shadow Kamoshida. The recommended level for fighting Shadow Kamoshida is level 13, allowing you to fight the boss easily and endure the long boss fight.

Kamoshida’s skills and attacks

Shadow Kamoshida has the following skills:

Skill NameSkill Effect
Volleyball AssaultDeals light physical damage to one enemy
Golden KnifeDeal moderate physical damage to an enemy
Tongue WhipThis will deal moderate physical damage to all enemies.
LickTo deal heavy damage to Ann only.
Libido BoostFully restore Kamoshida’s health through Trophy of Obsession
Lustful SlurpThis will boost the attack power of kamoshida.
Gold Medal SpikeDeals Heavy damage to all enemies. It uses an entire turn to prepare

Strategy to defeat Shadow Kamoshida in Persona 5

You need to go through multiple phases in Shadow Kamoshida’s boss fight.

Phase 1

The first phase starts simple. Shadow Kamoshida is protecting his crown, and you are attacking the shadow to defeat it. Shadow Kamoshida is somewhat docile in this phase and doesn’t attack you much.

Your primary focus should be debuffing the boss and buffing your party while wailing on Shadow Kamoshida, also known as Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida.

Once you have depleted Kamoshida’s enough HP, he will start eating the people hanging from Shadow Kamoshida’s Chalice or Trophy of Obsession. Everybody he eats replenishes his health. Shadow Kamoshida’s skill allows him to completely regen his health by eating bodies from his chalice.

Now, you need to focus on attacking the chalice rather than Shadow Kamoshida. Otherwise, all your attacks will be useless, as Shadow Kamoshida will keep healing all the damage you are dealing. This chalice has 500 HP in Persona 5 Royal, and you need to destroy it before you start focusing on Shadow Kamoshida again.

Phase 2

Once the chalice is broken, Kamoshida cannot heal himself. You can break the Shadow crown by stealing it before ending the fight. You can steal the crown by sending Morgana or Ryuji forward but make sure you don’t send Ann.

As one of your party members focuses on stealing the crown, the rest distract Kamoshida. Keep dealing damage to ensure your thief can successfully steal the crown. A cutscene shows Shadow Kamoshida realizing someone from your party is missing, but he is too late, and his crown is knocked off. The thief you sent returns to your party.

From here on, the fight is almost at its end. Every attack you land deals extra damage, and your All-Out attack will be enough to finish off Shadow Kamoshida. Once you defeat Kamoshida, you leave with all of his treasure.

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