Lies of P P-Organ Upgrades Guide

Quartz in Lies of P have one use, unlocking P-Organ upgrades.

Lies of P brings with it a lot of different gameplay systems for players to upgrade their characters and shape their builds. Weapon upgrades to leveling up character to equipment upgrades. There are so many systems to keep track of that one small but extremely useful character upgrade path gets ignored, the Lies of P P-Organ upgrades.

What are P-Organ Upgrades

P organs in Lies of P are crucial components to augment P’s combat capabilities, as well as providing various fringe benefits not directly associated with combat, but which help greatly all the same.

Players will unlock this system as they progress through the story and defeat the Scrapped Watchman boss. After that, speaking to Geppetto will give you access to the chair to the left of his desk, which is where you can invest in P-Organ upgrades.

How to upgrade P-Organ in Lies of P

To unlock P-Organ upgrades in Lies of P, you need to gather a special currency known as ‘Quartz’. You can find it in a myriad of ways, ranging from being an item drop from bosses and mini bosses, to being stowed away in obscure chests.

Below is a list of some of the Quartz you can come across in the game:

  • Dropped after defeating the Parade Master boss.
  • Dropped after defeating the Scrapped Watchman boss.

There are around 28 quartz you can find in a single playthrough to get P organ upgrades.


Once you have enough Quartz, upgrading is a simple matter. Make your way to Geppetto’s room in Hotel Krat and to the left of his desk, you will find a chair that will act as your key to allow you to slot in and unlock new P-Organ upgrades.

Lies of P P-Organ Upgrades

The P-Organ skill tree has a certain nuance to it. You start off with a limited skill tree and to unlock subsequent trees, you must invest in a certain number of upgrades.

Consider this. You have a primary ability node, and each empty slot can be considered a secondary ability node for which you can choose an ability from a set of 4 subdivisions which are Attack type (Stagger damage, stamina consumption, etc.), Survival type (greater resistances, and defense), Ability type (More efficient legion arm), and Item type (optimized item usage).

You start off in Skill Tree 1 and must invest a certain number of quartz in there, i.e. 2 to fill out the empty secondary slots under the associated primary ability, thus unlocking it. Unlocking two primary abilities will unlock Skill Tree 2, which opens new primary and secondary ability nodes.

The process repeats for subsequent skill trees but do note that the secondary empty slot completion requirement increases from 2 sub-slots to 3 sub-slots and more the further P organ skill trees you unlock.

Best Lies of P P-Organ Upgrades

The Link Dodge P organ upgrade in Lies of P is critical for Balance and Technique builds especially, as well as newer players who will understandably struggle with Perfect Guard. Players who feel that the dodging in the game is a little stiff when starting out will want to invest in this skill to greatly increase mobility.

If you struggle with parrying especially and lose too much health by consistently blocking, Link Dodge is a nice upgrade to handle aggressive mobs. Especially since future mobs will chain together multiple attacks which can become increasingly hard to avoid if relying on just the standard dodge. It does consume stamina to perform the next dodge so don’t spam it too carelessly.

Increase Pulse Cells

More healing is always welcome and until you reach a point of mastery where you can attempt challenge runs without taking a hit, it’s standard procedure to want more chances to heal at your disposal.

Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery

Lies of P P-Organ Upgrades

Simply increasing the count of your Pulse Cells isn’t going to cut it, especially when you reach later stages of the game where one poke by a boss can force you to use up 3-4 non-upgraded pulse cells to fully heal, depending on your health bar.

As such, this P-Organ upgrade gives you more bang for your buck while leaving more Pulse Cells to efficiently juggle during an encounter.

Lower Charge Attack Stamina Consumption

Regardless of what playstyle you go for, Charge Attacks will be a staple for a large majority of the time. With heavier weapons especially, committing to a charge attack in between enemy gaps instead of light pokes comes with a different set of trade-offs as you may find yourself low in stamina as you wait for your character’s recovery animation to end and the boss winds up another attack.

To avoid such cases, it is imperative to invest in this P-Organ upgrade, so you have more stamina to spare to safely dodge out of harm’s way.

Increase Staggered Duration

Stagger is a critical gameplay element in Lies of P. The white outline on an opponent’s health bar which indicates the next charged attack will leave them prone to a Fatal Attack, has a limited duration. At some point, you are likely to end up in a very unfavorable situation where you must disengage from a boss or mini-boss about to commit to a long combo chain after you’ve drained your stamina and can’t go for another charged attack.

In such cases, this P-Organ upgrade can come in handy, allowing you to capitalize on the Stagger gauge patiently and not risk your neck trying to trade with an imminent enemy barrage in the hopes of not missing out on the Stagger stun.

Rising Dodge

Lies of P P-Organ Upgrades

Normally when knocked down you must wait for your character to stand back up before you can attempt a roll out of harm’s way. In some cases, bosses start winding up another attack in that recovery period. With the Rising Dodge P organ upgrade, you can quickly get back up, recuperate, and generate distance with less risk of being caught up in an enemy attack.

Add Amulet Slots 2

This is straightforward. Amulets provide a great boon to your combat capabilities so having extra slots to equip instead of having to forego one over the other is a welcome addition. Just make sure you aren’t running low on the weight limit, especially since some amulets have quite a heavy weight going for them.

Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness

This is for the Perfect Guard enthusiasts who want to up their reward for undertaking this endeavor. When some bosses such as Romeo start chaining long combo slashes back-to-back, trying to perfect parry the entire sequence can be a bit draining.

The Perfect Guard Cause Stifness P-Organ upgrade helps rectify that by breaking the opponent’s stance, prematurely ending their combo string if you Perfect Guard a few times, thus allowing you to take your turn back from a defensive backfoot.

Add Fable Slots 1

Relatively straightforward. While there is an enhanced version of this in future skill trees, there are better options there worth your quartz. Adding on, 4 Fable Art Gauges are more than enough for your Fable Attack spamming needs in most cases so no need to look longingly at the improved version.

Increase Special Grindstone Uses

Grindstones in the early game are rather simple and provide some very straightforward utility. However, as you progress through the game, you will unlock much stronger and flexible grindstones. For example, there is the Destruction Grindstone which boosts your weapon’s Stagger Attack. This allows you to quickly rack up the Stagger Gauge and get a Fatal Attack on a boss.

With this P-Organ upgrade you can use the Grindstone twice instead of just once and with the nature of future grindstones, one additional use is a blessing.

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