Raft Hinge

How To Get Hinge In Raft

The two-plate Hinge might appear to be insignificant but is a core resource to craft some important items in Raft….

Raft Plank

How To Get Planks In Raft

Planks are one of the most useful resources to acquire in Raft. They are needed to craft structures, decorations, weapons,…

Raft Feathers

How To Get Feathers In Raft

Feathers are one of the lootable materials in Raft, meaning that they cannot be crafted. They are, however, needed to…

Raft Scrap

How To Get Scrap In Raft

Scraps are uncommon collectibles in Raft. They are used as a crafting material for many different items including the essentials,…

Raft Stones

How To Get Stone In Raft

Stones are an important resource in Raft. They are collectible items that can be used as crafting materials for a…