How To Get Planks In Raft

Planks are one of the most useful resources to acquire in Raft. They are needed to craft structures, decorations, weapons, and other handy tools. They also serve as fuel for engines and kindle for cooking and smelting.

The following guide will help you find as much Plank as you need in Raft.

Where To Find Plank In Raft

Planks are one of the naturally occurring resources in the game, meaning that they can only be found or looted. There is no crafting recipe to craft or produce Planks.

There are a couple of ways to find Plank in Raft. The first is by pulling in flotsam from the sea using a Hook or a Simple Collection Net.

You can also find Planks inside Loot Boxes that are scattered across the seas. Loot Boxes contain various items and can be found on story islands or Vacated Rafts that spawn at random on the sea. Keep a good eye on your Receiver to spot a Vacated Raft.

The second way of finding Plank is by cutting down trees. There are various types of Trees in Raft and they all are guaranteed to drop Plank. The number of Planks you receive after cutting down a tree though depends on the tree itself.

Birch and Pine Trees are the best sources of obtaining a good amount of Plank because they each drop 7x Planks, the highest of all trees. Palm Trees give you 5x Planks. Tangaroa and Mango Trees have the lowest yield with only 3x Planks each.

You can also grow your own trees on your raft to always have a good supply of Planks. The trees that you cut down have a small chance of dropping their seeds as well. If you find one, take them back to plant on your raft. Water it and see your tree grow.

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