How To Add And Use Sail In Raft

Raft is an adventure survival game in which your objective is to survive the sea while on your raft. You...

Raft is an adventure survival game in which your objective is to survive the sea while on your raft.

You will start your survival journey with almost nothing on hand but gradually unlock new resources and blueprints to craft or build structures and other items.

Adding a Sail to your raft is one of those important milestones in the game. It will help you better steer your raft to reach islands and locations rich in loot and resources.

The following guide will show you how to add and use a sail in Raft while also explaining how to sail against the wind.

How To Add Sail In Raft

In Raft, Sail is a navigation item that can be used to control the direction your raft can move. The sailing direction can be controlled only within the limits of the wind direction. The Sail can be used in together with a Flag or a Streamer.

In order to add a Sail to your raft, you will need to craft it using 10x Plank, 20x Palm Leaf, and 3x Scrap.

Planks can be easily found in Loot Boxes and appear as Flotsam in the sea. They can also be obtained by cutting down trees.

Palm Leaves can also be collected from the sea or by cutting down Palm Trees. Lastly, Scrap can be found in floating Barrels, Vacated Rafts, and reefs near islands.

Once you have all these items, head to the menu, and from the Navigation tools menu, you will be able to craft the Sail. Once crafted, the Sail can then be added to the Steering Pole of the raft.

How To Use Sail

Once you are done with the Sail placement on your raft, you can then use it to control the direction your raft moves in. To use the sail, get near it and hold the ‘R’ key and then move the mouse to steer in your desired direction.

By angling the sail, you may sail to either side but at the expense of speed. The sail has limited steering capabilities and it cannot propel the raft against the wind or increase speed. And so, adding multiple sails to your raft will be useless.

If you sail perpendicular to the wind direction, your speed of movement will be really slow, but it will allow moving sideways of the wind.

How To Sail Against The Wind

In Raft, you cannot solely use the Sail to go against the wind direction. If you really want to move against the wind, you will need to use a paddle as well as the Sail to do so.

However, keep in mind that it will be really slow to move against the wind. Also, if you try to sail against the wind, no loot will spawn until you return to the normal direction.

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