How To Get Hinge In Raft

The two-plate Hinge might appear to be insignificant but is a core resource to craft some important items in Raft. Much like most of the other resource items, you can both loot and craft Hinges in Raft. The following guide will show you how.

You need a Hinge to build Storage for starters which stores all of your items. You also need the item to craft a Shear to farm wool from Llamas. Not to mention that you need Hinges to build a Stationary Anchor for your raft.

How To Craft Hinge In Raft

You can craft a Hinge with 1x Metal Ingot after you have unlocked Metal Ingots at the Research Table. You will, however, need to do a little extra work to get Metal Ingot.

You firstly need to find and mine Metal Ores that are on the island walls below sea level. They must be then put in the Smelter to create Metal Ingots.

It’s a little lengthy process but you’ll have to get used to it because you’ll be needing a lot of Metal Ingots in the endgame.

Where To Find Hinge

You can potentially find Hinges inside Loot Boxes that are scattered across islands in the game. You can also find Loot Boxes on Vacated Rafts that are spawned randomly on the sea. Each Vacated Raft has a Loot Box with various materials that could include a Hinge.

Just be careful, though. Vacated Rafts start sinking as soon as you step foot on them. Hence, be quick to loot the Loot Box and get back onto your raft.

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