How To Get Scrap In Raft

Scraps are uncommon collectibles in Raft. They are used as a crafting material for many different items including the essentials, like the Hook, Metal Axe, Metal Fishing Rod, etc.

In the alpha version of the game, it was very easy to find Scrap, but now as the game is in its early access stage, there have been a few changes to the rarity of Scrap.

Scraps are now more difficult to find. This guide will cover the entirety of where to find Scraps as of the latest update of Raft.

Where To Find Scrap In Raft

There are several ways you can get Scrap in Raft. The easiest method is to collect Barrels. Barrels often contain pieces of Scrap, especially early on in the game. Barrels can be found floating around in the ocean, all you have to do is grab them with your hook and bring it towards you.

If you want to go all-out with this method, there is one thing you can do to get the most out of it. You need to craft a Simple Collection Net to collect the floating items. It’s more efficient to place the nets at the two sides/edges of your raft and let them do their job.

Vacated Rafts
You can also find a few Scraps inside Vacated Rafts. This isn’t the best go-to method to find Scrap though, as Vacated Rafts are relatively harder to find and also provide a low amount of Scrap.

The most efficient method to find Scrap is to search around the reefs of Islands, especially the. They are found in greater amounts underwater. Head towards an island that you find with your Sail, then Anchor your raft to explore the island’s depths.

This method can be more fruitful but is also quite dangerous. You’ll be hunted by a shark every time you try to go underwater. It’s quite hard to keep running away from the shark and be on the lookout for Scrap in the process, which is why it is recommended to get rid of the shark.

You can get rid of the shark in two different ways; you can either kill the shark or distract it with bait. To kill the shark, it’s better to use spears. Around 4 or 5 good headshots with a spear can get the job done.

To craft bait, you need Herring and Pomfreits. Using baits is better if you aren’t ready for battle yet, they can buy you enough time to get a few pieces of Scrap. You also need to be careful of your oxygen though. Keep looking at the meter and make sure you don’t die underwater.

Under the water are a few pieces of metal. You need to pull out your hook and whack the pieces of metal with full force in order to get Scarps from them.

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