How To Get Nails In Raft

Just like Planks, Nails are also one of the most useful resources to collect in Raft. They are considered as helping hands to craft various items needed for survival such as a Scarecrow to protect your crops, a Smelter to smelt ores, a Collection Net to collect flotsam, and more.

The following guide will help you get as many Nails as you want in Raft.

How To Craft Nails In Raft

Nails can be crafted with 2x Scrap. The best way to collect Scrap is to swim on the ocean floor near islands. You will always find several pieces of Scrap littered at the bottom.

Furthermore, if you find the Vasagatan shipwreck, it has a ton of Scrap that always respawn after you sail about 2,500 units away. Hence, you can keep taking trips to the Vasagatan for an endless supply of Scrap.

When ready, throw Scrap inside a Furnace to make Nails. Take note that 2x Scrap will produce 3x Nails and you can have a stack of 20x Nails at once.

How To Find Nails

The other way to find Nails in the game is to simply collect them from Loot Boxes. These will give you fewer Nails compared to the aforementioned crafting method though.


Loot Boxes come in various shapes and sizes and contain several types of materials and resources. It is never a guarantee that a Loot Box will contain Scrap but they are still a good source of collecting important resources.

Loot Boxes are also scattered across the map with random spawns through Vacated Rafts. You can also find Loot Boxes by exploring Story Islands or Abandonned Huts that can be found on any island.

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