How To Get Stone In Raft

Stones are an important resource in Raft. They are collectible items that can be used as crafting materials for a...

Stones are an important resource in Raft. They are collectible items that can be used as crafting materials for a few items in the game. The items crafted with Stones aren’t many in number, but they are necessary to have, like the Throwable Anchor, Stone Axe, Stone Arrow, etc.

Additionally, they can also be thrown at enemies or other players (if friendly fire is enabled) to deal damage to them.

If you’re having a hard time finding Stones in Raft, look no further. The following guide will go over where you can find Stones in Raft.

Where To Find Stone In Raft

You can get a few Stones from Barrels, especially at the early stages of the game. The amount of Stones you can get from collecting barrels is low and random, but you can increase your chances of getting them if you choose to farm for them this way.

Barrels can be found floating around in the ocean. You can collect a Barrel from the ocean by using your Hook to bring it to yourself. To further improve your collection of Barrels, you can use a Simple Collection Net. Nets trap the collectible items floating in the Ocean automatically, but they do have a maximum capacity though, so you have to keep collecting items from them from time to time.

To make the most use of your Nets, place them at the edges of two adjacent sides of your raft, this is the optimal placement for Nets as they will collect the most items if your raft is moving diagonally.

Ocean Floor
Stones can also be found on the bed of the ocean. It’s better to look around the shallow edges of islands instead of exploring the depths of the deep ocean. It’s better to farm for Stones here as there is a higher chance of finding stones.

While exploring the ocean, be careful of Sharks and your Oxygen. If you stay too long underwater, you might run out of oxygen or get attacked by a Shark and die. Therefore, it is better to look for them around the shallow parts of the ocean so you have a quick escape route.

If you find the Stones at the bottom, you need to whack them with your Hook using the left mouse button in order to get them.

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