How To Get Bolts In Raft

Bolts are one of the hardest materials to acquire in Raft. They are needed to craft Fishing Rods, Hooks, Spears, Antennas, Clocks, and many other useful items.

The following guide will help you find and craft Bolts in Raft.

How To Craft Bolts In Raft

You will find crafting Bolts a much easier way to get the material compared to just finding them in the world.

To craft a Bolt, you will need a Smelter. If you don’t have one, build one with¬†4x Plank, 6x Dry Brick, 4x Scrap, and 6x Nail.

Now just smelt 1x Metal Ingot to get a Bolt.

Metal Ingots are created by smelting Metal Ore that can be found on the submerged walls of islands. Whenever you get near to an island, anchor your raft and jump into the water to come across Metal Ores on the walls.

Take note that Metal Ingots are one of the endgame crafting materials. You will require a lot of Metal Ingots to craft many of the late-game structures and items. You should hence begin farming as much Metal Ore as possible early on.

Where To Find Bolts

Although the chances of you getting a reasonable number of Bolts is quite low, you can still find them in Barrels that float around your raft. Simply use a Hook to catch a floating Barrel for a chance to find Bolts inside.

In addition to that, you can search for Loot Boxes on randomly-spawned Vacated Rafts, on Story islands, and on Abandoned Huts. Loot Boxes always give you several types of resources but never guarantee any specific one.

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