How to Build Engine Controls in Raft

While initially, it may seem like you are stuck on a small Raft, your vessel will eventually expand and you will need to find some alternate method of sailing it besides wind. That is where the engine comes in which can be hooked to your Raft to control it and make it a proper boat.

For optimum efficiency and performance, you will need multiple engines and a way to control them for your Raft which is where this guide comes in.

How to Build Engine Controls in Raft

To move your raft, you are going to need engines. It is advised to have 6 engines on your raft. But to toggle your engines on/off, you are going to need a controller that controls the direction of engines’ movement and their turning on and off.

So to make an engine controller, you will need:

  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 2x Bolts
  • 6x Scraps
  • 6x Titanium Ingot

Once you have these items, you can craft your own engine controller from inventory provided you have the engine controller blueprint. After crafting the engine and controller, you have to place it somewhere suitable for your craft.

The controller has two controlling levers. One has a handle and the other is just a simple metal rod. The handle controls the turning on/off function of engines. The simple metal rod controls the direction of rotation of the raft.

If you go near your controller, you will be asked to press a certain button to operate it. Pressing a button once on the metal rod will change the direction of the rotation of the raft. If you press it again, the direction will be reversed.

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