How To Get Feathers In Raft

Feathers are one of the lootable materials in Raft, meaning that they cannot be crafted. They are, however, needed to craft several other items such as Beds and Hammocks, as well as Metal Arrows to hunt and Paint Brushes to color your home.

The following guide will show you how to get Feathers in Raft.

Where To Find Feathers In Raft

There are a couple of ways to find Feathers in the game. The first one is by collecting them from a Birds Nest, more specifically, a Seagull’s nest.

Seagulls will often fly around your raft to try to eat your crops. You can make use of them by crafting a Birds Nest with 6x Palm Leaf, 6x Plank, and 1x Giant Clam.

Place the Birds Nest on a wall on your raft. There will then be a chance that Seagulls land in your Birds Nest, after which you can loot their Feathers.

Palm Leaves and Planks can be gathered from the sea by pulling in flotsam or floating Barrels. Giant Clams are found underwater. You will have to swim all the way to the ocean floor, especially near islands, to find them.

The second way to find Feathers is by killing and looting birds. In the case of a dead Seagull, you can loot 6x Feather while looting a dead Screecher will net you 12x Feather.

You can opt for both ways at once, but killing birds will probably give you more Feathers for the time spent. Waiting for Seagulls to make their nest is going to take a bit of time.

Killing birds will also unlock several achievements in the game. The “Expert Bird Hunter” achievement requires you to kill 50x Birds. The “Expert Screecher Hunter” achievement requires you to kill 50x Screechers. So you can potentially kill two birds with one stone.

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