How to Get Glass in Raft

In Raft, you can craft glass by making it yourself. You can't find glass in Raft so you must make...

In Raft, you can craft glass by making it yourself. You can’t find glass in Raft so you must make it yourself. It is quite easy to make glass with a smelter. Glass in Raft can be used to craft other materials as well.  Below we will show you how to get glass and uses of glass in Raft.

How to Get Glass in Raft

To create glass, you’ll need a Smelter. You can easily craft a smelter using dry bricks. We have explained this process in our guide. With the smelter crafted, we can now proceed to make glass.

You should begin by collecting Sand. There is sand beneath the surface of the sea around islands, especially on ledges where corals and seaweed can be found. You can spot it quite easily because it blends into the floor quite well. Catch it with your hook once you’re in melee range.

You must have collected some pieces, so take them back to your raft and get them in the Smelter. The metal won’t begin melting until wooden planks are placed under the ignite the fire. One thing you must keep in mind is that it will almost take 60 seconds for one glass to be created.

Uses of Glass

Glass is required to create a lot of products. Examples include binoculars and advanced air purifiers. It’s not important to have binoculars, but you’re going to need a Purifier if you’re going to deal with water and thirst.

A pair of binoculars is made from four glasses. You can also make an Advanced Purifier using four glasses. To make honey, you need one glass.

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