How to Make and Use Metal Detector in Raft

Metal detector, as the name suggests is used to search for different types of materials such as ores, planks, scrap,...

Metal detector, as the name suggests is used to search for different types of materials such as ores, planks, scrap, and so on in the world of Raft. This guide will explain to you how to craft the metal detector and how to use it efficiently in Raft.

How to Make Metal Detector

To craft the Metal Detector, you will need to first get the metal detector blueprint for yourself. The blueprint can be found on Caravan Island by following the pipe down to the very depths of the ocean.

Once you get the blueprint, you will be able to research at a research table. The metal detector requires 12 Plastic, 6 Scraps, and 1 Battery to craft. It can be used approximately 450 times before it breaks down and you will have to craft a new one.

How to Use Metal Detector in Raft

The Metal Detector is activated by holding the left click of your mouse. It then displays the distance between the dig site and you. The detector displays multiple lights.

The Red light displays that you are inside the range of the dig site. Yellow Light means that you are at a medium distance and finally, Green light means you are close to the dig site. There will be a beeping sound as well varying on your range to the dig site. The closer you are, the faster the beeping is.

You can not hunt for treasure without a metal detector. The treasure will only spawn in the world if you use a metal detector, not before that. Since the drops are randomized, the treasure will only spawn within the range of the metal detector depending on your location.

There are four types of treasure that yields from the treasure hunting.

  • Assorted Trash (42.5 percent chance to find)
  • Suitcase (30.0 percent chance to find)
  • Combination Safe (20.0 percent chance to find)
  • Tiki Piece (7.5 percent chance to find)

Depending on the rarity, you will find

Assorted Trash


Combination Safe

  • Glass
  • Bolt
  • Hinge
  • Leather
  • Biofuel
  • Explosive Powder
  • Titanium Powder
  • Cassette Tapes
  • Developer Paintings
  • Toy Robots (regular and golden)

Tiki Piece

  • Tiki Base
  • Tiki Headpiece
  • Tiki Middle Piece
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