What’s Shared Between Characters (Alts) In Diablo 4

In addition to the obvious stash chest, here is everything that gets shared between all of your characters and alts in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 makes it a bit easier for you to level up multiple characters, especially after you are done with the main campaign.

There are various rewards that get carried over from one character to the next. Hence, in summary, you are going to spend the most time on your first character. The more alts you level up, the easier it gets to level up the next one.

However, do note that all characters need to be on the same Blizzard account as well as the same realm to share between themselves.

You cannot share specific rewards between seasonal and permanent characters or between normal and hardcore characters.

The following are all the things that are shared (and not shared) between your alts in Diablo 4.

Altars of Lilith (shared)

Altars of Lilith are collectibles that you can find scattered all over the map in Diablo 4. Each statue gives you one of five permanent stat boosts, and there are over a hundred of them to get.


You only need to unlock the Altars of Lilith once on each account in Diablo 4. You do not need to find them again for your alt characters.

Campaign and Side Quests (not shared)

You have to complete the main story campaign all over again for each new character in Diablo 4. However, doing so is completely optional.

After beating the campaign once, you can choose the option to skip the campaign when creating an alt in D4. You will enter Sanctuary to find only side quests. You can then level up fast to reach the endgame content.

Crafting Materials (shared)

Every type of crafting material that you obtain by salvaging, looting, questing, and foraging gets carried over from character to character in Diablo 4.

This makes upgrading gear (and crafting certain items) for each alt highly efficient. Basically, the more characters you level up on an account, the more crafting materials you are going to have in total.

Currencies (shared)

All currency types in Diablo 4 such as Gold, Murmuring Obols, and Red Dust are shared between all characters on a single account.

Emblems, Skins, Titles (shared)

All Diablo 4 titles and cosmetics are shared between all of your alts. These include skins you purchase from the shop with Platinum. Your real-world investment is safe to use on every character.

Legendary Aspects (shared)

There are over a hundred legendary aspects that you unlock by completing dungeons in Diablo 4. Thankfully, aspects carry over from character to character, so you will not have to complete all of the dungeons again for an alt in D4.

Each aspect features unique modifiers that can be applied to your gear by an Occultist to make them even more powerful.

Map Progression (not shared)

You need to reveal the whole map and its waypoints all over again on each new character in D4.

If you are leveling an alt by skipping the main campaign, nothing but the major town waypoints are going to be revealed on the map provided that you unlocked them on your first character.

Mounts (shared)

Unlocking the mount is a tedious and long process in Diablo 4. Fortunately, you only have to do it once on a character.

Your alts will automatically have the ability to call the mount at the start of their game. Any additional mounts and mount skins unlocked also carry over to other characters.

Paragon Points (not shared)

Paragon Points are not shared between characters in Diablo 4. You have to level up each character individually to earn their respective Paragon Points.

This is because the new Paragon system of D4 contains some of the most powerful power spikes you can hope to gain after beating the main campaign.

Spending Paragon Points in different class-specific Paragon Boards is now part of your Diablo 4 endgame builds. There would otherwise be no reason to grind alts in each season if you automatically got Paragon Points to spend after hitting level 50.

Renown (shared)

Diablo 4 has optional region-exclusive objectives that can be completed for Renown, which can then be later claimed for extra skill points and potion capacities.

Any Renown rewards claimed on a single character are automatically available on your second character. This is incredibly helpful in leveling up alts in D4 because you get to spend more skill points for a massive power spike at the start.

Stash (shared)

Similar to all of the other Diablo games, your stash can be accessed by all characters in Diablo 4. Any stash upgrades purchased also carry over between characters.

This is great because you can keep helpful leveling gear, including gems, in your stash for easy XP farming. You do not need to collect them twice.

Strongholds (not shared)

This should be obvious but strongholds reset on each character in D4. Their completion does not carry over from one character to the next.

Transmogs (shared)

You will be glad to know that every new transmog look unlocked carries across from one character to the next in Diablo 4.

Your alts, hence, can start their game in style by changing their appearance at the first Wardrobe you find in Kyovoshad.

That being said, since certain weapons are exclusive to certain classes, there will be some transmogs you need to unlock yourself for each class, at least for the first time.

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