Wao-Os Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Wao-os shrine is one of the many Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations that checks the players’ intelligence and their...

Wao-os shrine is one of the many Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations that checks the players’ intelligence and their ability to solve riddles.

The physics-based riddle of the Wao-os shrine requires you to use all of Link’s abilities to not only complete it but also find its hidden treasure chest.

Don’t worry, we will be guiding you step by step with pictures to help you solve this shrine easily. As Wao-Os shrine is in Tabantha Tundra, make sure to purchase the Snowquill Armor or brew some Cold Resistant elixirs before venturing into this area.

Where to find Wao-os shrine in Zelda: TotK

Wao-os shrine is hidden inside West Lake Totori Cave. West Lake Totori Cave is in Hebra Mountains to the West of Rito Village. Its exact location is marked on the map, and it is to the South of Dronoc’s Pass and North of Passer’s Hill. Its coordinates on the map are -3940, 2041, 0200.

West Lake Totori Cave is hidden on a mountain hill and can be missed easily. Just keep hugging the left wall of the cave after entering it and soon you will reach the Wao-os shrine. Interact with the shrine to activate it.

How to complete the Wao-Os Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As soon as Link enters the Wao-os shrine, he is greeted by the voice of Rauru and is presented with Lever Power puzzle. The purpose of the Wao-os shrine’s Lever Power puzzle is to use a fixed plank, as a lever, to hit two orange-colored target rings with orbs. The puzzle is basically a catapult for the orbs and Link.


Before proceeding with the Lever Power puzzle, let’s find the only treasure chest Wao-os shrine has to offer. Pick up the metallic box and place it on the Northeast corner of the floor. Now use Ultrahand to attach the bowl in the upside-down position on the top of the metallic box (please consult the picture for a proper Construct idea).

Tears Of The Kingdom Wao-os Shrine

Use Ultrahand to move this construct as high as you can and return it to its original position. Make sure to hold the construct for at least 10 seconds at its highest position.

Climb the construct and use the Recall ability on it. When it reaches its highest point again, use the Ascend ability to climb the platform above. Open the treasure chest to obtain a Spicy Elixir with 8 minutes and 40 seconds Cold Resistance.

Now return to the original platform and attach the bowl on the near edge of the plank. Place the orb inside the bowl.

Make sure you DO NOT attach the orb to the bowl. Pick up the metal box and drop it from as much height as possible on the other side of the plank.

This will make the orb fly in the other direction and hit the bottom orange target ring.

Tears Of The Kingdom Wao-os Shrine

A locked door will open in your area containing a new wooden plank. Attach this plank to the previous one as shown in the picture.

Once again attach the bowl on the near edge of the new plank. Pick up the respawned orb and place it inside the bowl.

Use Ultrahand to drop the metallic box on the far edge of the original plank from as much height as possible.

The orb will go much farther this time and hit the second orange target ring. This will open the altar door in Wao-os shrine.

Now climb inside the bowl and drop the metallic box on the far edge from a good height. This will catapult Link in the direction of the altar room.

Use your glider to safely reach it. Interact with the statue of Rauru and Sonia to obtain a Blessing of Light reward. This will solve the Lever Power puzzle of Wao-Os shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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