How To Transmog Gear In Diablo 4

The transmog feature returns to Diablo 4 with new ways to unlock new looks for your gear and to change your appearance.

For newcomers to the Diablo franchise, the transmog feature in Diablo 4 allows you to change the appearance of your gear without changing their stats.

Did you find a particular weapon’s design and aesthetics more pleasing than the one you have currently equipped? You can alter its appearance to look just like the weapon you love, but your original stats will remain the same.

There are two aspects to using transmogrification. You need to, first, unlock “new looks” from the gear you get in the game. You can then choose from one of those transmog looks to change your appearance in Diablo 4.

How to unlock new transmog looks in Diablo 4

This is something you are going to be doing often in the game. Whenever you head back to town to empty your inventory, keep an eye out for gear that has a pickaxe icon on them. These items can be salvaged to unlock new transmog looks in Diablo 4.

Head over to a blacksmith (with the anvil icon on the map) and salvage all of your items with the pickaxe icons. You will not only get crafting materials from salvaging but also their appearances to use on any of your gear in the future.

How to change your appearance in Diablo 4

You need to find a wardrobe icon on the map to be able to transmog your gear in Diablo 4. There is one in every town you visit over the course of your progression.

Once you are done with the prologue, you will reach the town of Kyovashad. This is the first hub area where you will take on your early-game quests before heading out to fight stronger enemies.

This is also where you will get access to your first wardrobe to change your appearance in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Wardrobe map location in Kyovashad to transmog gear

Head over there, and you will be able to see all of the new looks (gear) you have unlocked by salvaging.

You will get the option of applying the salvaged gear appearance on the item of your liking. Your equipment can have multiple looks, as you can keep its default look or get the appearance of the gear that you salvaged through Blacksmith.

Luckily, you get nine colors for your armor set, including the natural look, brown, red, yellow, green, purple, grey, orange, and blue. Moreover, you can use Ensembles to save your changes quickly, but only the first slot is free, so you must pay some gold for others.

You are going to face some limitations while using the transmog feature in Diablo 4. The first limitation is that you cannot apply the appearances of different weapon types to one another. It means you cannot use the appearance of a sword over weapons like maces or wands.

Moreover, you cannot change the color of your default armor set, so you must transmog it first to use a different set of colors.

The Wardrobe allows you to change the appearance of your character. You need to open the Appearance tab and select from the different sets of makeup, markings, or jewelry to modify your character looks. However, you cannot change your hair color or hairstyle while accessing the appearance tab.

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